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  1. f4radar

    I fabricated this straight pipe. Do I need some sort of baffle?

    It's kind of loud any ideas on how to baffle
  2. f4radar

    Can anyone I'd this engine from a picture.

    Wondering if this a good minibike candidate
  3. f4radar

    HS40 Runs better at half choke after warm-up than choke off...New Commie Carb.

    Any Help? It runs pretty good at half choke but I'm thinking it might run even better if its adjusted correctly.
  4. f4radar

    196cc BAJA Engines on Craigslist
  5. f4radar

    Bikes with Cars

    We've had pictures of Bikes and pictures of Cars, How about Bikes with Cars!
  6. f4radar

    So my wife went shopping and I want to ride my Speedway.

    I'm having trouble finding a 71/72 speedway driver (or weighted arm to fix mine) so I'm using a Fairbanks Morse unit that's larger and my stock cover won't fit. Being old and wise I'm hesitant to ride the bike around without a guard over that 50 year old revolving potential meat grinder. As...
  7. f4radar

    HS40 Carburetor Finally found that annoying rattle.

    I had to see for myself what was in there. Now I can clean it and a little JB weld and I'm back in business.
  8. f4radar

    Speedway torque converter driver

    Need parts (1 weight and the belt bushing) or whole.
  9. f4radar

    HS40 Muffler adapter flange mounted upside down.

    A Muffler adapter flange brazed on the exhaust pipe upside down is tough to spot if you're not paying attention. Thats what happens when you drink and weld.
  10. f4radar

    First Front wheel drive Minibike?

  11. f4radar

    Can the worn finger of this Speedway Torque Converter wieght be repaired

    Is it practical to get this welded and ground to shape or should I look for a new one?
  12. f4radar

    What's it worth?

    A day with good health, nice weather, and no worries, puttering around in the garage on an old mini bike? I say its priceless!
  13. f4radar

    Finally made some progress

    Just need a belt, and a chain.
  14. f4radar

    Am I missing a piece for this clutch?

    Got this clutch with a 1972 Speedway Blue Angel. Am I missing a bushing that rides on the bushing you see there? Does the bushing that's there assemble with the collar to the sheave or to the spring. Details Details. Thanks PS I'm still looking for a Fairbanks Morse driven for same.
  15. f4radar

    This NOS 10hp Tecumseh caught my eye
  16. f4radar

    DRIVEN TORQUE CONVERTER for 1972 Speedway Blue Angel

    6" pulley for a 5/8 shaft and the spring hub has to be less than 3" to clear the motor mounting base ( I don't really care to trim that plate). 1972 Speedway Blue Angel. Thanks
  17. f4radar

    Help! Tecumseh HS40 Ignition Question

    I have a new to me 71 0r 72 Speedway Blue Angel. It has an HS40-55395C Serial Number1295B. I was checking the point gap and I see there is no condenser. All of the wires seem to have a home and I have spark at the plug. Is there suppose to be a condenser in this ignition circuit? The engine...