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Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

  1. Oldyellow

    General Mini Bike tire

    Hello friends. Looking to buy a general tire. 4.10 - 3.50 - 4 knobby. Thanks for your help
  2. Oldyellow

    What kind of Go Kart

    Hi friends. Anybody know what this is? Thank you
  3. Oldyellow


    Hello friends. Anybody out there have a wheel that fits that description and would send it to Canada. Please! Thanks
  4. Oldyellow

    Help ID a go Kart Frame

    Hello Friends. Would someone tell me what it is I’m thinking of buying? Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  5. Oldyellow


    Hello Friends. I’m trying to find a Schenuit studded 410-350-6. Anybody out there that might have one and is willing to ship to Canada I’d appreciate hearing from you. Happy new year and stay well.
  6. Oldyellow

    Tecumseh h35 .020 ring set. Pn Tecumseh 28988

    Anybody have a set they’ll sell. Thanks
  7. Oldyellow

    Anybody know what kart this is?

    Need help in identifying this kart. Brand,Model, year. Thank you
  8. Oldyellow

    Haven’t bought it yet

    But what is it? Thanks to all. Love this site
  9. Oldyellow

    Lil Indian chain guard

    Hi Guys. I’m still looking for a nice Lil Indian chain guard. I know they’re pricey but it is what it is. Thanks
  10. Oldyellow

    Torque converter talk

    Hi Guys. I know there’s more than one of you out there that can help me so here goes. I have a couple of bikes , one with a 196cc clone and the other a 212 cc clone. Both of them have Comet torque converters with 41 chain 12 tooth gears feeding a 72 tooth sprocket on 15 inch diameter wheels. I...
  11. Oldyellow

    Anybody know what company built this Kart?

    Hi Guys. I’ve never seen a Kart like this before. Looks like it could have been a kit with all the bolt ons. Anybody out there willing to share their expertise I’d appreciate the help. Best wishes and Stay Safe.
  12. Oldyellow

    Where to find this?

    This vintage style material is impossible to find in Canada. Anybody know where to get it?
  13. Oldyellow

    Ruttman seat

    Anybody know anybody that can make a seat identical to this one? Thanks
  14. Oldyellow

    Charger Jr. rear sprocket

    Looking for a cast OEM 60 tooth rear sprocket for a 1970 Charger Jr.
  15. Oldyellow

    Micro Mate forks

    Hello Friends. I’d like to buy a good set of Micro Mate forks. Will need shipped to Sault Ste. Marie Michigan. If you can help ... Thanks
  16. Oldyellow

    Charger Junior sprocket

    Sure would like to buy one of these
  17. Oldyellow

    Lil Indian 2 speed

    Hi Guys. I have a lil Indian 2 speed jackshaft with a couple of sprockets on it. I’d like an entire assembly / drive. Can someone tell me what I would need from engine to rear sprocket. I know someone out there knows ! Greatly appreciated !
  18. Oldyellow

    Lil Indian 2 speed Jackshaft

    For Sale. Clean, strait 2 speed jackshaft for Lil Indian Mini Bikes. Small sprocket worn but salvagable. All parts blasted clean No Bearings $150 or trade toward Lil Indian 5 rib brake caliper.
  19. Oldyellow

    Lil Indian Brake Caliper

    Hi Guys I need two Lil Indian 5 rib disk brake calipers to finish a couple of bikes for my grandchildren. Any help here would be greatly appreciated!
  20. Oldyellow

    Lil indian brake caliper 5 rib

    I got one the last time I tried this so here goes. I’m looking to buy a 5 rib caliper for a lil Indian mini. If you have one to sell let me know Thank you