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Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

  1. KustomKartKid

    Muskin Tri-Cat & JC Penny Scat Tracker

    Selling my trikes. One Muskin Tri-Cat and one JC Penny Scat Tracker. Most probably know both were made by CAT Muskin @ 1969-1971 era. The Scat Trackers were sold through JC Penny so they used a different name and slightly different body. Both machines have their original Horstman TAVs . The...
  2. KustomKartKid

    Military Themed Mini Bikes

  3. KustomKartKid

    Original Vintage Brake Lever Steens Frijole Taco ... CAT ?

    Well I had to call it something in the title. I'm sure this lever was used on other bikes as well but it's the exact same lever on my all original Steens Frijole. Looks like it could be the same as some of the early CATS too. Maybe somebody can use it. Chrome is a little tired...
  4. KustomKartKid

    Pettit Mfg. Scat ATV

    "Smithers you idiot !!! How many times have I told you not to take the Scat out for a joy ride..?? You're clear out your desk!!!"
  5. KustomKartKid

    Misc Throttle Lot Cherry Doherty

    Box of misc throttles and grips. Doherty rubber grip has a hole in the end. Perfect for a survivor Bonanza. All for one price: $25 shipped for all
  6. KustomKartKid

    Vintage "CAT" Purple Metal Flake Helmet

    I've had this helmet sitting on a shelf for years. Was probably for an Artic CAT snowmobile but you could look cool riding your Artic Cat or CAT mini bike with it. Or just take the stickers off. Excellent condition inside and out...complete inner liner is fully intact and clean. Looks like it...
  7. KustomKartKid

    Need Clamps For Anderson Style Foot Pegs

    Somehow I managed to lose the clamps off my Anderson Pegs....I have the pegs I just need the clamp and bevel washers as circled. There are a lot of knock-off brands that use the same clamps....just looking to buy some used ones. Needs to be for 7/8" tubing. PM if you've got some kicking...
  8. KustomKartKid

    1940s Custom Salsbury Scooter-Car

    Peekster spotted this thing for sale in upstate NY.....I told him it looked like something our old buddy Wayne would have owned. From the ad: "This is a super-cool custom three-wheeler based on a 1940s Salsbury scooter. The platform is an original Salsbury M85...
  9. KustomKartKid

    " Mini Bike Correct " Hardware Engine Bolts Staked Lock Nuts

    Brand new "Mini Bike Correct" Hardware. Staked Lock Nuts were commonly used as OEM equipment on vintage bikes. Used with a flat washer gives a much cleaner / professional appearance than a lock washer. 10 pcs 1/4-20 10 pcs 5/16-18 10 pcs 3/8-16 Also included is a set of...
  10. KustomKartKid

    NOS Peterson PMCO Bonanza / Rupp Tail Light Lens

    NOS Peterson PM CO Bonanza / Rupp tail light lens. PMCO on top and 420-15 on the bottom. Correct style with NO DOT numbers Last one I have. Perfect condition. $25 Shipped_ Paypal only please.
  11. KustomKartKid

    How To Hop Up Your West Bend Manual_ Go Power 1960 Publication 580 / 700

    "How To Hop Up Your West Bend" manual that Go Power published in 1960. Super cool and very sought after hop up manual for the west bend 580/700 fan. I only took photos of a few pages there are 90 pages packed with useful tuning and modification information- make your stocker run better, or go...
  12. KustomKartKid

    Garage Sale Clutches NORAM / ALLSTATE

    Cleaning out the garage and found this pair of vintage clutches. NORAM (North American Clutch Co.) has steel shoes, 3/4" bore, 10T for #41 Chain. ALLSTATE has composite shoes, bronze bushing... 5/8 bore, 10T for #35 chain. There were bikes (Sears?) that used the clutches as OEM equipment but...
  13. KustomKartKid

    Central Jersey BC Bonanza

    I rarely go on CL but spotted this while looking for something else... Bonanza Mini Bike Nice early front peg bike....BC 1200 ? Not a bad deal the Go Powers and fenders are worth the price of admission. Looks like it has tall jackshaft plates...maybe an optical illusion :shrug: Nice...
  14. KustomKartKid

    Now THIS is a cool scrapyard find....
  15. KustomKartKid

    Wanted Firestone Sawtooth Tire ... like this :

    Looking for one Firestone Sawtooth tire like this for 5" rim : This may have been a karting tire I'm not sure. I just missed one on Ebay a couple weeks ago, maybe the buyer is a member on here and wants to trade for something good. Or Cash awaits....:deal:
  16. KustomKartKid

    Bonanza "Mini Skipper" Boat

    Probably belongs in Off Topic...but it's a Bonanza "Mini" so I'll park it here for now. During one of my conversations with Dan Farrand he mentioned that Bonanza had been gearing up to add a boat to their product line. In fact he told me that as recent as a year or two ago there were still some...
  17. KustomKartKid

    Early 60's Karting Magazine

    Sold my early kart and parts so I'm going to be selling off the karting portion of my library.... This is an early 60's Karting Edition of Motor Trend magazine. Very interesting in that it highlights some of the more offbeat and forward thinking designs of the time like Duffy Livingstone's...
  18. KustomKartKid

    Tecumseh Steel Half Tank Bonanza MB

    Hard to find Tecumseh steel Half Tank used on some early mini bikes. This one is super clean inside and out with just a few very slight dings. Threads are also nice. Includes mounting bracket and vintage vented steel cap. Ready for paint! $60 shipped...Paypal only.
  19. KustomKartKid

    Ohlsson & Rice Powered BMX Bike ?

    This started out as one of those ideas where my son and I just sat around wondering if it would work and sketching it out...the next thing I knew we were building it ! We've all seen the Tom Thumb and Micro Bikes...not very practical being 6 inches off the ground. Or the 26" cruiser bikes...