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  1. 19honda69

    Anyone have this problem?

    I was reading a thread that did not make sense. Everyone was taking about a post I could not see. If I log out of the site it shows up but not if I log in. Of course I can’t see the pictures if I am not logged in. The posting member is Midyrman?
  2. 19honda69

    Bonanza MX1310TC

    I wanted to do a build log on my Bonanza MX1310TC. I don’t recall seeing much on this model on the forum.The frame is the MX frame with the tall jack shaft plates. I started when I found a roller a couple hundred miles from where I was living about 8 years ago. I saw it on Craigslist one night...
  3. 19honda69

    Customized Mini Bike Carrier

    This carrier started as a generic bolt together.I wanted to have a carrier on my camper that was specific to fit my street legal 69 Honda CT70. Great for camping because most camp grounds don’t have an issue riding a registered bike and you can go into town if you need something .It is great to...
  4. 19honda69

    Wanted TACO clutch cover

    Looking for Taco clutch cover or leads on source. ‘Thanks for any help!
  5. 19honda69

    Post More Pictures

    My New Years resolution was to post more pictures on the site. Since I really have nothing to post I asked my friend and member Roger (Cattailhaas) if I could post some shots I took in his shop today. Roger is making some changes on a MTD trail bike that he will use as a daily rider. Roger has...
  6. 19honda69

    TACO 100 FRAME

    Looking for a Taco 100 frame. Please PM me
  7. 19honda69

    Wanted Quality Rupp 12 inch tire Motocross

    Looking for 1 nice 12 inch Rupp MOTOCROSS tire
  8. 19honda69

    Correct Tecumseh Decal 4HP

    What is the correct decal for a 69 Tecumseh 4hp on a Bonanza build? Is it the same for 1968 and 1970?
  9. 19honda69

    Bonanza MX Tire Size

    What is the correct tire size for the Bonanza MX bikes?
  10. 19honda69

    Hodaka Engine Case Color

    Years ago I got some paint from Strictly Hodaka for my Bonanza / Hodaka engine cases.They relabeled the can but I think the color was pewter. Anyone know the best match ,brand and color?
  11. 19honda69

    Rupp Dellorto choke

    Wanted to buy Dellorto Rupp carb choke parts
  12. 19honda69

    Bonanza Grips

    Looking for a set of Bonanza grips oem or repo. Please send me a PM of you can help.
  13. 19honda69

    Bonanza MX1310 TC Guard

    Looking for a Bonanza MX1310 TC clutch guard. Never seen one yet except in pictures. if you have one and could give me measurements that would also be great. Also looking for one more sets of the Bonanza
  14. 19honda69

    Tecumseh steel tanks

    Did Tecumseh make a steel side fill tank or are they all plastic for the 4hp engine?
  15. 19honda69

    WTB Bonanza rectangle serial plate

    Bonanza MX Style serial plate.$100 for good condition.Please send me a pm.
  16. 19honda69

    Bonanza CR400 factory exhaust.

    I was looking for info on the stock exhaust used on the Bonanza CR400 chopper with the 4hp Tecumseh. I can’t seem to find a picture showing it.
  17. 19honda69

    Back dating 4HP Tecumseh

    I have a newer nos Tecumseh motor I wanted to have a little more of an old school look. Besides the obvious like the decal I am changing out the tank and exhaust.Will an old style pull start or shroud fit on this? Any other suggestions?
  18. 19honda69

    Bonanza MX swing arm

    Looking to buy a Bonanza MX swing arm
  19. 19honda69

    Bonanza MX footpegs

    Looking for Bonanza MX foot pegs
  20. 19honda69

    Bonanza MX Fender Brackets

    Looking for Front and Rear Fender brackets for Bonanza MX.