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Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

  1. owend

    powerdyne 1500xl handle bar

    Got a picture of the other side?
  2. owend

    ARCO Chopper

    Sold. Thanks Robert and OldMiniBikes!
  3. owend

    ARCO Chopper

    Are you sure? Just had a few people interested also. Here is my cell# 315-439-8085 up until midnight.
  4. owend

    ARCO Chopper

    Selling off a couple of bikes due to divorce. Attorney's aren't cheap! Asking $250.00. for the ARCO chopper. NOS ATLAS roller none left anymore. You also could use a Flathead or a OHV motor on this frame . All new wheels, tires, fenders, grips/ throttle, brakes ,cables, kill-switch, #35 sprocket...
  5. owend

    Subaru Robin ex17. Help!

    They are great engines and are well made! Look at what the do with them at Aussie Speed website.
  6. owend

    Tecumseh HS 40

    Sold. Thanks Mariah and OldMiniBikes!
  7. owend

    Cool bikes added to the collection

    Great find Phil!
  8. owend

    Tecumseh HS 40

    Sorry, that last picture is from a different engine.
  9. owend

    New find

    I just looked at the bike, and both brakes have mounts for a switch! Thanks Charles and Bubbles!
  10. owend

    New find

    Bike runs good after it warms up for several minutes. It has a slight bog, even when it it warmed up. I was wondering if I can swap out the the headlight with a LED and add a rear LED taillight for safety.
  11. owend

    Tecumseh HS 40

    This was not from a mini bike and not sure what it was on originally. I think it is a 1969 engine, correct me if I am wrong. Has good spark and compression. The shaft size is, 3/4 x 2.25 non threaded. Model# HS 40-55247a Serial 9231 12284. $250.00 plus the ride from NY 13032 I might have a White...
  12. owend

    Briggs 6.5 hp

    I usually only use a few drops of oil. I pulled the valve cover and checked the valve adjustment and they were loose. Adjusted both valves and it started on the third pull, first two were with the fuel turned off! What a dummy. .
  13. owend

    Home made springer spindles?

    If on a Go Kart, it will help some on the ride.
  14. owend

    Briggs 6.5 hp

    Went start my pressure washer and it was like pulling over a 20 hp engine. I winterized it and it was not left outside. It will start, ok on starting fluid, and runs great after that. Are the valves that far off?
  15. owend

    Tecumseh parts

    Sorry it was sold.
  16. owend


    Will do.
  17. owend

    Tecumseh h40 or h50

    I might have an h50, but the shipping might be too high.
  18. owend


    I have paper templates to make the 3 styles of chain guards they made for their bikes. I was hoping that someone can put them to use.
  19. owend

    Tecumseh HS lighting coil