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  1. minibikin'

    Heald Hauler....Project "Time Burglar"

    Any update is better than no update! Excellent work and glad you had time to post....
  2. minibikin'


    Look into Eastwoods 2K line. I have great results with it on engines and frames. It's catalyzed so fuel spills and oil spills wont harm it.
  3. minibikin'

    Manco disc Brake conversion !

    Are you haveing an issues with the rear band set up? Unless you're going with hydraulic discs, I can't see an advantage to a mechanical caliper over the stock band set up.
  4. minibikin'

    progress report: Fox 'Sprite' chopper build

    Well done brother!!
  5. minibikin'

    Heathkit RC car....

    You are correct on the servo. Heathkit supplied their own electronics from what I can gather. The body is a Ford GT40...
  6. minibikin'

    Heathkit RC car....

    I know some members here are into vintage RC like me. This may have been discussed before but I do not recall it. I never knew Heathkit made RC cars in all of my years racing and collecting. Pretty pimitive but that's why I dig them so much!
  7. minibikin'

    No clue on this one....

    If one set is good, three are better...:D
  8. minibikin'

    No clue on this one....

    Looks like a pretty decent Bonanza MB200 to me? ;)
  9. minibikin'

    ideal throttle response?? wot from idle?

    Where's the ignition timing? I'm not a fan of a plug you cannot gap and read. I would go with the NGK personally.
  10. minibikin'

    WTB Sensation Mike Bike frame and fork

    Anyone have a lead? I bought a frame and fork for a good friend sight unseen. Unfortunately it's a pile and I really want to start him out with something better. I don't need wheels or an engine, just the frame and forks. Let me know if you can help and are willing to ship. Thanks, Chad
  11. minibikin'

    Gearing insight....

    You already have a jackahaft. Make the switch to a TAV. You won;t regret it. It will multiply your static gear ratio by 2.7:1 in low range. Killer take off and a .9 final drive for top end. That is in stock form of course...
  12. minibikin'

    Gearing insight....

    ^^^ This. You're calculating static gear ratio. You need to take the circumference of the rear tire into account. You r static gear ratio on a 6" wheel bike verses a 12" wheel bike is off the spectrum....
  13. minibikin'

    B.A.T. is rocking this week

    I finally registered there. Local guy had a 2001 F250 Powerstroke crew cab with 60k original miles. Garage kept since day one. It was immaculate but hit my max withing the first 24 hours lol...
  14. minibikin'

    FOUND!!! WANTED: Trail Horse Rear Brake

    There are some decent reproduction clutch covers in the Facebook minibike groups for sale...
  15. minibikin'

    What is it, Can anyone pin down the Year and Model of this Bike, can find absolutely no info online, 400X or Rebel, decals reflect that last year

    Looked like a drum to me in that last picture but I was using my phone. I;d say it's an R4001 unless it was altered....
  16. minibikin'

    What is it, Can anyone pin down the Year and Model of this Bike, can find absolutely no info online, 400X or Rebel, decals reflect that last year

    Does it have a drum brake? If it's a 1975, I believe that would make it a R4001 model.
  17. minibikin'

    Ruttman Toad

  18. minibikin'

    Facebook Marketplace Lockout

    It hasn't happened to me personally, but I do know someone who had it happoen to them. Same scenario as you Tom. Weeks with no reply or action...
  19. minibikin'

    disc brake question for Stellar Compact

    If the tube spacers are in there(and it appears that they are), that is all you need as far as I know. You are correct in the term "float". If the caliper were bolted to the mount rigidly, any high or low spot in the sprocket would be felt in the brake handle and result in a pulse and poor...