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    Just got my second baja, the Mini Baja, is this stock or modified?

    Just traded in to this Baja Mini. So far it definitely needs new grips, throttle, possibly a tire, seat(broken bracket), and a thorough cleaning. Headlight is missing and I haven't looked in to it far enough to see if the wiring is still there for it. Has some kind of 6.5HP from the looks...
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    Baja Blitz w/ 6.5 and Stage 1 Kit - What's next.

    Well I finally got the bike done(so far) with the 6.5 hemi predator, HRMB engine plate/hardware/clutch/chain kit, and OldMiniBikes Stage 1 Kit. Gets up goes quickly, can launch on my Kawasaki KD100M and get a healthy head start before it gets passed on the top end. This thing is a blast. Throttle...
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    6.5 Predator(#60363) swap on old Baja Blitz, have questions.

    Picked up an old and completely stock Baja Blitz out a field on some property my parents bought and it was missing right grip/throttle/throttle cable, had a seized clutch and chain, and the caliper was beyond repair. I got it running as-is with a little elbow grease and PB Blaster but it...
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    New to the forum.

    Hey everyone. Been read-only on this forum for a few weeks gathering info about my old baja blitz I found in a field behind a shed on my parents property, and now that I spent a bunch of money to work on it I figured I'd join up to get some info and ideas. :thumbsup: Before/after photo I...