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  1. DeadPixel

    Cheap adjustable carb that fits on the 212

    I agree with EVOL the stock ruixing carb would be a good set up and for $18.50 its probably your cheapest good option. I have 3 of them. 2 stock and 1, .650 bored ruixing. There not perfect but there easy to tune. Stick with a stock one if your still running your governor.
  2. DeadPixel

    HS40 Tecumseh springs #31672 in a clone?

    I don't remember how I stumbled on it but found an old post recommending the HS40 tecumseh valve springs part #31672. Any one use these in there clone and are they a direct drop in. I like to frankenstein my motors. Are there any other factory springs that work besides the GX140 for higher RPM...
  3. DeadPixel

    Supercharged 5hp Briggs Setup!

    Ya this was close to 20 years ago the last time I seen one advertised. Don't know the brand or how much power they made. Just remember they were painted black and said they were for the Raptor 2 motors.
  4. DeadPixel

    coleman bx200u vs coleman ct200u ex, which one is better?

    I would get the EX if going with a coleman. If you are willing to wait and save I would get the Monster moto 212 though. It has a torque converter, front suspension and a front brake. It sucks trying to stop at 30 with only a rear brake.
  5. DeadPixel

    Supercharged 5hp Briggs Setup!

    I remember when I was a kid they use to sell a super charger for the brigs raptor engine that looked like a roots type blower. Don't know how well it worked but remember wanting one for my go-kart. Wish some one would reproduce them or make a new kit for these and the honda motors.
  6. DeadPixel

    CT200U - Increase Top Speed? 60 Tooth Rear Sprocket?

    I would run a larger rear sprocket than run a smaller front sprocket. It was less friction that way. Every little bit helps.
  7. DeadPixel

    Champion rockers ??

    I also swapped my valve cover for the clear GPS cover and like it. That's why I am not running the champion cover right now.
  8. DeadPixel

    Champion rockers ??

    I have the champion rockers but there not installed yet. I believe they require either a valve cover riser or the champion rocker cover which I was running that is taller. There are also a few but expensive taller after market valve covers that will clear. The rockers look cool though. The lash...
  9. DeadPixel

    CT200U - Increase Top Speed? 60 Tooth Rear Sprocket?

    The torque converter will add both torque and top speed. The stock jack shaft is a 2:1 ratio and the torque converters low range is 2.7 with a .90 overdrive. I don't think the belt set up gives you the full .90 in overdrive though cuz there is some slip in the belt. The jack shaft set up uses...
  10. DeadPixel

    Valve springs

    Is that with or with out valve stem seals? I have had motors that have had valve steam seals on both intake and exhaust. If you need you can modify the seals and use them as shims. I like to run the intake seal but use the exhaust just as a shim.
  11. DeadPixel

    CT200U - Increase Top Speed? 60 Tooth Rear Sprocket? The OldMiniBikes kit might kill 2 birds with one stone. Makes installing the torque converter easy and is a full bolt on deal.
  12. DeadPixel

    Need advice on Torque Converter (CT200U-EX)

    Which holes did you slot, the torque converter?
  13. DeadPixel

    Got this idea, any thoughts?

    I have thought about this too cuz the intake almost has no length to it for tuning. Its easy to put a long header on the bike and get a little bit of an effect for tuning but the intake is nothing. You really want the length between the carb and head but though that doing like you did might...
  14. DeadPixel

    CT200U - Increase Top Speed? 60 Tooth Rear Sprocket?

    My bike is hitting abut 30+ right now. The governor is bypassed. It is limiting my RPMs to a little over 5K at the moment. I have a billet rod, GX160 aluminum flywheel and 22LB springs and a few other mods. I cut some coils out of the return spring to get the extra RPM but you need the rod and...
  15. DeadPixel

    Predator 212 Hemi Valve spring size

    If keeping the stock cam than 18# springs but don't get the 22mm carb or replace the springs tell you replace your rod and flywheel or it wont last long. You need at least a billet rod as it is right now. Take it easy tell you replace the rod and don't put new springs tell you replace the flywheel.
  16. DeadPixel

    Gen 3 Non-Hemi Valves

    If you have spun it that high I'm good cuz I don't spin motors that high. If the valves handle 6K there good enough for me. I might have to get one of these heads and try one out.
  17. DeadPixel

    Gen 3 Non-Hemi Valves

    Not to thread jack but dose any one know if there is much of a difference in flow between the 5mm and 5.5mm valves? Durability on modified motors with the 5mm valve?
  18. DeadPixel

    Gen 3 Non-Hemi Valves

    I know one of the predators have the 5mm valve stems but its a 25/24mm valve. I don't build predators though so don't know which one. The hemi predator has same valve stem as a normal 196 clone 5.5mm. I know cuz I have a JT clone head with predator 27/25 valves in it.
  19. DeadPixel

    Recommend new carburetor

    Get a 22mm round slide kit. I have a .650 carb on my bike and it makes better top end but lost some throttle response and low speed power. Part of it is my combination of other parts too but some of it is the .650 carb. Get a completer kit. I think I paid $100 for my 22mm kit.
  20. DeadPixel

    Blown 212 or damage from over racing

    You pull the governor on any stock motor and it can fail in a day of hard riding. The rods cant oil proper at high RPM and floating the valves can damage valve train.