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    Wtb - fox condor front fork tubes

    Looking for Fox Condor Front Fork tubes
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    FOX CONDOR - Rear Brake Set Up

    Installed NOS rear brake caliper and it drags on sprocket. Anyone have tips and tricks to setting up rear caliper/sprocket on Fox models? Do I have correct spacers? Thank you
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    Seat covers?

    Fox seat covers? Were to locate them?
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    FOX CONDOR - Rebuild

    Before and almost after. Still need new rear Sprocket (anyone??) and muffler???
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    WTB-FOX Muffler & Sprocket

    Looking for FOX Condor Muffler & Rear Sprocket in pictures. Scott 608-217-6241
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    What do I have??

    Guessing 1970 Scamp? - need parts too!!
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    WTB- Fox exhaust, caliper, anything else

    WTB, Caliper, exhaust for bike pictured