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    Small problems with Baja Bug

    So I got this Bug with a torque converter and junk, and its a world of difference compared to a centrifugal clutch. But one of the problems I have with it is that the rear tire is very hard to push when it has the little brass bushing. I added some dielectric grease where the bushing makes...
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    Bolt for steering stem

    Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone knew where to get a M10x1.5x200mm bolt. I currently have a 170mm bolt on my steering stem. And long story short, I need a 200mm one. (current bolt is about 6 7/8 long, I can make 7 3/4 work) I was wondering if anyone knew where to get one, or even better; if...
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    Identifying Predator

    Hey guys. I'd like to know how to identify my Predator 212. I know its a non-hemi (which sucks) and I've looked all over for some sort of plaque, or anything that will give me the model number, (example: 68120) but all I could find was this sticker on the shroud thing that goes over the flywheel...
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    What did I buy?

    Hey guys. First time noobie here. I bought this mini bike since it actually has a suspension, unlike my Doodle Bug which slams you down if you hit the tiniest bump, and I was wondering if anyone knew who made this bike. I've looked all over the bike, but I couldn't find anything that would show...