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    Need Help Arco bushwhacker build tire size

    My new tires just came today and to my disappointment once on the rim and on the frame the tires are to big:( does anyone know the correct tire size for an arco bushwacker? I bought 3.50 x10
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    Looking for arco tank decals

    I’m looking for the tank decals for the Seco ezrider. Thank Bryce.
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    Looking for manco 308 atc fuel tank

    I’m looking for the fuel tank and front fender for a manco 308 atc. This is what it looks like. Thanks Bryce
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    Arco /Alexander Reynolds fuel tank

    Hey y’all it’s been awhile but I’m looking for a fuel tank for a arco. Thanks. Bryce
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    New black pleated seat 16”x8”

    New pleated black seat 16”x8” $65 shipped
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    2 mtd seats

    I have two seats that I had Karen redo this past summer. The white and black was reconditioned no rips and still has vintage look.$65 Black one has stock foam and seat plate but new cover. $100
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    Fairbanks Morse torque converter

    Just thinning out some parts. Fairbanks Morse tc worked great last time I had it on a bike. $$75 shipped
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    V-plex covnvert

    I have a v-plex converter setup for sale with brand new driver. $75 shipped
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    Small block tecumseh exhaust

    Small block exhaust $40 shipped
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    BB tecumseh exhaust

    SOLD Big block tecumseh exhaust. $45 shipped
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    TAV installation question

    Does it matter which way the driven is mounted? I’ve seen it both ways. These pics are from the same add and it’s mounted both ways. Thanks.
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    Fairbanks Morris tav, does this look correct

    Working on my mtd and it has what I believe is a Fairbanks Morris tav. To me the belt doesn’t look like the correct width? Also looks like last owner put washer on the driver to make it more narrow. Any help would be great it’s the last thing on this bike. Thanks.
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    Wtb Trailhorse left brake bracket

    I’m looking for the left rear brake bracket for a Trail Horse. Thanks Bryce.
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    What kind of tav driver is this?

    Looking for info on this driver. Thanks
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    Wtb Arco front fender bracket

    Looking for a Arco from fender bracket
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    Plastic db30 front fender

    Looking for a db30 newer style plastic front fender. Thanks
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    Wtb good running 5hp Briggs & Stratton engine

    Looking for a good running 5hp Briggs engine that I can bolt a tav to. Thanks
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    WTB Arco handlebars and seat brackets

    I'm looking for some Arco seat brackets front and rear and handlebars. For this model
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    WTB Trailhorse swingarm

    Looking for a Trailhorse swingarm if anyone has one. Thanks
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    Wtb 6" wheel set

    I'm looking for a 6" wheel set. Manley need a rear with sprocket or at least a standard sprocket hub. Thanks