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  1. butch63

    been gone

    had some medical issues, wife of 46+ years had a heart attack in july, in December, I had a pacemaker/defibulatter implanted, feeling better. please don't send parts or bikes,{not old timer vic} just a FYI:laugh:
  2. butch63

    any help? i've seen them but can't remember> thanks

  3. butch63

    new rear tire for my super bronc vt-8

    chatten63 {vt guru} turned me on to a tire site, found a duro 21x12x8. $ 61.00 shipped to my door. thanks Rick:thumbsup:
  4. butch63

    3 1/2hp briggs on db30?

    11 year old grandson has stock motor, works ok, need a little more power. will the 3 1/2 briggs help much? don't wanna do the 212 predator. any advice? thanks in advance :thumbsup:
  5. butch63

    clutch drive gear swap

    oldest grandson has a hawg ty with the stock 5.5hp engine. I wanna put that engine & clutch on youngest grandsons db30& get a hf predator 212 for the hawg ty. I have a new clutch for the predator, but it has a #35 sprocket on it. can I swap the sprockets from both clutches? the hawg ty has the...
  6. butch63

    super bronc vt8, vt10 ballon tires???

    on SS and don't wanna drop a benjamain on a tire, where's everyone getting their tires. mine is really cracked. tried a tube but it gets pinched every time. fed up & need a new one. unlike oltimer vic, not looking for donations,:laugh: just some advice. thanks all
  7. butch63

    computer down

    computer blew up right after Christmas. finally got a replacement & hooked up. a lot of catch up reading to do:laugh:
  8. butch63

    heald tryke forks fit super bronc vt8

    will the tryke forks fit my sb vt8 without any mods? wheel & all thanks:shrug:
  9. butch63

    changing clutch sprockets?

    can i change sprockets on a clutch converting a 40/41 to a 35:shrug:
  10. butch63

    clutch hub swap

    can you swap hubs from a #35 hub to a #40? sprocket too?:shrug:maybe it's called the drum?
  11. butch63

    any guesses?

    has single downtube in front? :shrug::drinkup: and high speed forks
  12. butch63

    what carb is this?

    :shrug: thanks:thumbsup:
  13. butch63

    3 1/2 b&s throttle linkage

    when i turn the throttle the linkage don't work like it should? what am i missing? anyone got good pics? thanks :shrug:
  14. butch63

    water pipe exhaust

    i've seen engines with water pipe elbows to redirect exhaust, is this a no-no? threads the same? ghetto is ok with me if it will work:laugh:
  15. butch63

    got the bird today

    loaded with accessories:doah: no buckeye, the wheels are not up for grabs:laugh: trying to get up better pics, if that's possible:laugh::laugh:
  16. butch63

    bird nighthawk or thunderbird gas tank

    lookin for a tank without giving an arm & leg. is this even possible?:scooter:
  17. butch63

    chong jong engine shaft

    anyone know if these motors have a 3/4 shaft or metric:censure:? it's a 5.5hp on a hawg ty:out: i also have this in the engine section:shrug:
  18. butch63

    hawg ty chong jong

    anyone know if the engine shaft is 3/4 or some metric:censure: thanks5.5 jong chong:out:
  19. butch63

    bird coil spring forks

    going to look at a bird tomorrow, one side of the forks is broken. he sent a pic. looks like it broke under the lower triple tree. the inside slider. can these be taken apart and welded successfully if taken to a pro? anyone have any pics of forks disassembled. will know more tomorrow. is this a...
  20. butch63

    slanted engine question

    does the intake need to be angled down to keep the carb level for the float to work properly?:shrug: