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    Need original struts or fabrication

    Hi, I need these front strut bars to complete my resto. I think Ruttman chopper struts are the same length. I’ll trade something for them also if needed. Or last case scenario I’ll take fabricated ones. Thanks!
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    My mini chopper

    just thought I’d post a pic of my mini-chop. Hope you like it. It’s not 100% finished, but I ride it all the time.
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    Are my Skat kitty’s forks bent??

    Does this look right? Should the steering shaft be parallel to the straight edge of the fork?
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    Skat Kitty light kits

    I have some Really cool Skat Kitty light kits for sale on ebay. Thanks. Let me know if you need one.
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    Upright Position of Tecumseh air cleaner on my Skat Kitty

    Hey, does anybody know what this was originally on? I’m talking about the air cleaner adapter putting the air cleaner in an upright position. How do you think it looks on the Skat Kitty? I’ll be putting on a chrome air cleaner for the resto. Thanks!
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    Rupp headlight bucket with built in speedo

    Hey, was this stock on any of the Rupps. I want to use it on my 70 Roadster but I’m not sure it will work. What do I have to do to make it functional? Thanks . Tom
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    Opinions on my Skat Kitty

    Hey, just want some opinions on how the current headlight looks. I do have an NOS original light, but I’m actually leaning toward the one in the pics. What do you think? Thanks, Tom
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    Trakcycle track for sale

    Selling one of my tracks for a Trakcycle. It MIGHT fit others, I’m not really sure. Asking $250.
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    My Rouge Mark IV

    Just thought I’d post a pic .
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    NOS Fairbanks Morse kickstarter for sale

    Hi. I have this NOS Fairbanks Morse kickstarter. I’m letting go of most of my stuff. Very shiny piece! Lol. Price is $650. Or make an offer. It’s listed on EBay as well. I have the original installation sheet for it as well, along with the original hardware. Additional pics can be taken for...
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    Is this a Hodaka frame?

    I have this frame and badge, badge is original to the primered frame shown. Just wondering if it’s a Hodaka frame? Thanks.
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    Just picked this little, and I do mean little Broncco Fantichino

    My newest addition. Does anyone have parts for these? I will need an engine, original would be nice, but anything that fits. I mean this thing is tiny!
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    1972 Norton Chopper

    Anyone know how to wire this? It’s a 1972 Norton 750 Commando. Its pretty much bare, that’s the way I got it. Thanks, ANY advice/help would be very much appreciated!
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    Skat kitty exhaust “elbow”

    Does anyone know how I can take this apart? Or.....does anyone sell a reproduction, or.......does anyone have one to sell? Thanks.
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    Original Tecumseh / Briggs manuals

    Here are some manuals a guy gave me. He was a small engine mechanic, retired. Just curious if these are hard to come by.he also gave me a huge box of NOS parts
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    My Fox Spoiler near completion

    Just a couple of pics to share of my Fox Spoiler. I managed to get my hands on an original number plate. Waiting a long time for that! It’s basically done. It will be black with white engine, just like the original. I made the number plate, gotta do the other side. I have some repro shock boots...
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    Fox resto progress

    Here’s another project. Gave my 70 Rupp Roadster a break to get some stuff done on the Fox. I put the crashbar on. I finished the mod for the two speed tranny, a real pain in the ass that was. NOS fenders, front disk, rear sprocket, headlight/harness, taillight, brake levers. The seat is repro...
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    Not NOS, But newly made!!!!!!!!

    This is crazy. A seller I buy from on eBay contacted me recently about the father of his friend, who worked in the factory that manufactured the frames for Trakcycles. Trakcycles are the hybrid Minibike/snowmobile. The seller knows I have been looking for an original ski for many years. He told...
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    Old Minibike magazines

    I have 7 old mini bike magazines. If someone needs an article, let me know. You probably would have to be familiar with what’s in them but it’s worth a try.
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    NOS Rupp tank, to seal, or not to seal??

    I have an NOS Rupp tank. No rust on the inside. Do I seal it, or use as is? If seal, what do I use? Thanks.