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  1. j57little

    Vintage J57little's UberRoper

    Getting a Predator with a Comet-type torque converter to fit on a Roper is a real challenge. The rear risers have been cut out and are replaced with pipes to allow more clearance. Once the welding is done, the upper bars will be modified to allow for a fuel tank that mounts on a center pipe...
  2. j57little

    Fork Stop Ring/Nut

    I have a set of mini bike front forks with a 25mm X 0.75 threaded end. Retaining stop rings screwed onto the ends of the forks. These rings retained the entire bottom half of the front forks and the front wheel, but being a 1970's vintage, the rings are shot. Any sources out there for metric...
  3. j57little

    1971 Rupp Roadster 2 - Fully restored

    This is a restored 1971 Rupp Roadster 2. The frame, engine, fenders and shocks are all original and everything is restored to original condition. The frame is rock-solid and has been professionally repainted to match the original color using base and clear coat. Wheels are restored in powder...
  4. j57little

    Inner Fork Springs

    I am looking for inner fork springs, 12 inches long and 3/4-inch in diameter (0.75" OD). Any leads are appreciated.
  5. j57little

    Vintage Open - 2018 JackScat Project

    I bought this bike two years ago and basically gave up right then and there. It's a Scat Cat SC214B, commonly available in the early 70's through mail order. Because of the mail order thing they were much cheaper than typical mini bikes. And when you consider that the rolling frame was...
  6. j57little

    Sears Roper Front Fork Springs

    If anyone has, or has a lead on some Sears Roper front fork springs I would appreciate - any condition. Please send me a PM. Thanks! Jack
  7. j57little

    Sears Roper Exhaust Pipe/Muffler

    Looking for a pipe as seen in either of these images. Needs to be NOS or restorable to new condition.
  8. j57little

    Roper Frame

    My Roper project is moving very slowly, mostly because I'm dealing with more rust than is worth restoring. If anyone has restorable condition Roper parts - frame, forks/handlebars in particular, please send me a PM! Thank you, Jack
  9. j57little

    j57little's - Roper Rebuild - (Vintage Class)

    This may be the most difficult project I've ever attempted. The stuffed animal selected is a skunk - the starting condition of this minibike could be no worse - it really stinks! Anyone have any advise on how to remove the chrome lift bar from the frame? It's really, really frozen in there...
  10. j57little

    HS40 Overheating???

    My HS40 starts very well and runs well, but when I shut it off even after just a few minutes it is impossible to restart. Once it cools down it starts up again just fine. What the...???? One expert I spoke with advised a cooler plug and that might help, but just wanted to check if anyone else...
  11. j57little

    Rup 12" front - 28 spoke hub

    Looking for a Rupp 12-inch wheel hub and brake. I need the less common 28 spoke version. Thanks, Jack
  12. j57little

    It can be done!

    Back in the day a lot of kids had mini bikes when practically no one considered making them legal on the road. Even if the bike could be made legal no one did it because the riders were all under 16. Back in the day if you encountered a police officer you were likely told to go home and if he...
  13. j57little

    Speedometer - Locking it down

    I am trying to get a speedo to work on my second bike project, but I am finding that the gear wants to go around with the wheel, breaking the cable. If I loosen the axle it stays in place better, but then the wheel is wobbly. Any advice on properly mounting and securing the speedometer gear...
  14. j57little

    TC-1 Service

    I am not an expert on TC-1 torque converters or any torque converter, but I have one that was working well, but now does not. The driven side is flopping pretty loose. I think I may have lost my pre load. The driver also seems to be an issue. The weights aren't coming out as freely as they...
  15. j57little

    Parts is Parts - Rupp Leftovers

    Hello Everyone, My restoration project is nearing completion and I have stuff left over. "They" say that one man's junk is another man's treasure. So before it goes to the trash heap I thought I'd offer what you see in the photo. That way I don't have to feel guilty about throwing stuff...
  16. j57little

    Rupp Headlight Bucket with Speedometer Opening

    Since I can't find a decent Roadster 2 headlight bucket/bezel I am thinking about the headlight bucket that I've seen with a speedometer opening in the top. Anyone have one of those?
  17. j57little

    Rupp Headlight Bucket with Speedometer Opening

    Since I can't find a decent Roadster 2 headlight bucket/bezel I am thinking about the headlight bucket that I've seen with a speedometer opening in the top. Anyone have one of those?
  18. j57little

    Roadster2 Rear Fender

    Anyone have a Roadster 2 rear fender (plastic)? Any restorable condition could work. Thanks!
  19. j57little

    Rupp Roadter 2 TC-1 Spacer

    I have an original restored TC-1 driver and HS40 engine for a 1971 Roadster 2. I noted that there is a spacer between the engine seal and inner disk. I have all the other components. Can anyone tell me the thickness and OD of the spacer for a TC-1 that goes between the side cover/seal and the...
  20. j57little

    HS40 PTO C Clip

    Does anyone have a part number for a Tecumseh HS40 PTO shaft C Clip? It fits between the bearing and the seal. Thank you!