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    New rides entry: 2008 Bashan Snap On Mini Chopper

    coupeowner 2008 Bashan Snap On Mini Chopper Not really old, but..........124cc, 4-speed, electric start, hydraulic disc brakes. Supposedly 1200 made to roughly emulate the OCC Snap On build (Season 2 - American Chopper). They were given away as promo items. Street legal.
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    My Experience in throwing a Hemi Predator on a CT200u

    Just thought I would throw out a couple of tips as I am nearing completion on this project. 1) Use the tins off the Hisun motor, you need the indentation under the cylinder/piston to fit the jackshaft setup. 2) Grab 4- 5/8"x36tpi-3/4" bolts and lockwashers to fit the jackshaft plate back to...
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    Need Ideas For Attaching Bellypan/Gravel Guard

    I made three of these over the weekend for the CT200u. But haven't figured out how to attach it to the frame. Would just drilling and bolting to the frame significantly weaken the frame? Should I come up w/ an attachment mounting system using brackets, or? :confused: I think that 3...
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    Success w/ NR Racing Exhaust on MB200-2

    Just wanted to post up a happy coincidence. I had purchased a Stage 3 setup from NR Racing for the CT200u. I ordered the "mini bike downdraft style" header hoping it would work on the Coleman (no luck). But it fit like it was made for the MB200-2. A lot more clearance at your leg than the stock...
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    New rides entry: 2017 Trailmaster MB200-2

    coupeowner 2017 Trailmaster MB200-2 Bone stock with lots of plans
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    New rides entry: 2017 Coleman CT200u

    coupeowner 2017 Coleman CT200u Bone stock
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    The MB200-2 Arrived

    Just a few photos of the MB200-2 that showed up Wednesday.:punk:
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    Oh, it's a slippery slope......

    Just introducing myself. I am in Oregon and have two Coleman CT200U's (bone stock so far) and just ordered a Trailmaster MB200-2. Looking to upgrade one of the Coleman's in the next few months, and will post photos of the Trailmaster when it shows up. My son is already scanning craigslist...