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    What torque converter is this?

    Does any one what bike this is off of. I have taken it out to redo the bearings. Does anyone know we're I can get a decent used one?
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    OE Paint?

    Does anyone sell OE Briggs engine colors (paint) and stickers?
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    Asking to much?

    First off I know it's worth what someone pays for. I have had my add up on CL for a week now, but no response from anyone. Its a Honda clone 9hp that came off a generator. I am trying to sell it for $150. Is that to much? What would you pay? Here is a link to the add...
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    Did I buy the wrong coil?

    So I recently bought a small lot of small engines, and one of them is a Briggs 7 horse. I took the cover off and the coil was just laying there with the wire cut to the points behind the fly wheel. I got on eBay and I found this coil (link will be posted below). The new coil fits on the motor...
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    4 engines for a good price!!!! Look what I just picked up today! 10 minitues from my house! Not a bad deal eh? Sent from my VS930 4G using Tapatalk
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    Is it an 8hp?

    I bought this with 3 other engines for $35. I notice it did not come with a name tag on the side of the tin. I think it might be a Briggs 8hp being that's what the guy said it was. Sent from my VS930 4G using Tapatalk
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    Fly wheel puller

    So I got Tec h60 and it needs a coil. I tried taking the flywheel off (thinking it was as easy as taking a nut off).I realized it needed persuasion so I got a slide hammer put bolts in the flywheel and the bolt came right out a stripped the fly wheel (I'll re tap it). I just ordered a fly wheel...
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    Ignition coil mod?

    So being that I have some time on my hands I just started to take apart a Briggs 3.5hp. I was searching on YouTube and there was this guy with a MSD car coil on his Briggs (might be different). Does that add just a little bit of power? Is it worth the effort? I have time on my hands so if it...
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    New carb for my snow blower

    I need a new carb,but I just can't find one. Maybe if you can try to help me out as I hear we will be getting 24 to 30 inches this upcoming weekend. Info asha Follows: Briggs & Stratton Engine: Model #ha 15A114-0342-E1 Original Partha was #ha 790558 I believe...
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    Quiet muffler

    Im looking for a quiet muffler ffor a h35 tecumseh. Thanks:-) Sent from my Vortex using Tapatalk 2
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    Did any one wire a dewalat 9hp motor

    Did anyone try wiring a dewalt 9 horse up to a mini. I would like to use a battery and charge set set up because im not sure if it has a genorater coil.
  12. J

    What is this dewalt motor

    I picked this up at a garage sale for 160 bucks. The guy said it a 13 horse. I just want to know what did it come of, and confirm if its thirteen horse. The side of the cover said 270cc Sent from my Vortex using Tapatalk 2
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    Origanal throttel set up on h35

    I forgot how to set up the throttle. Does any one have pics Sent from my Vortex using Tapatalk 2
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    which rings to get for my h35

    i found this an im not sure if im right Tecumseh OEM Ring Set .010 40007 im not sure if it standered or .10 .20 model H35-45234F SERIAL 9175 03553
  15. J

    which gaskets for H35?

    Ok im looking for a carb gasket set, needle and seat, engine gasket set. Ive seen a few of them on OldMiniBikes. model H35-45234F SERIAL 9175 03553
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    What am i missing on my cat

    If u have the part im missing let me no Sent from my Vortex using Tapatalk 2
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    3hp coil?

    I have a 3hp coil that just dont wanna work. I would like to get them new(hate messin with used crap). If u can please leave a link to ebay or OldMiniBikes that would be great. I need two of them.
  18. J

    $120 steal from craigslist, but need to know what it is

    Came with a briggs 5hp New grips cables wheels caliber ect. Go to this link in to see pics will add more later on mini bikes pictures by JMVJR - Photobucket oh and what is it worth bought it for $120
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    12 inch shocks eye to eye

    Im looking for new or slightly used shocks. They have to be 12 inch and functional. PM me pictures and we will negotiate a price. Thanks JMV563
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    With motor

    Ok,hear is my daily debate. I have a b&s 3hp and a 3.5 tecumseh. Which one should I use on my fox street scamp.