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    Latest project finally finished

    What a stunner! A beautiful restoration of a stylin' mini. Thanks for sharing, and please more photos!
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    Monster Moto MM-B212 questions please

    Jake, I have the Trailmaster MB200-2 and really enjoy it. I am only 5' 10", but I am 200lb and it has no problem hauling my fanny around. The suspension would easily handle you without bottoming out. The TAV is awesome. The brake (rear drum only) is the weak point. I put the EBC grooved pads...
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    I am "On a Bender"

    The more I look, the more I like. So many awesome details. The intake and exhaust are just awesome. Congrats on a truly beautiful build.
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    mb200-2 on the way!

    Yeah, the stickers didn't last 5 minutes on mine either......
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    New rides entry: 2008 Bashan Snap On Mini Chopper

    coupeowner 2008 Bashan Snap On Mini Chopper Not really old, but..........124cc, 4-speed, electric start, hydraulic disc brakes. Supposedly 1200 made to roughly emulate the OCC Snap On build (Season 2 - American Chopper). They were given away as promo items. Street legal.
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    mb200-2 on the way!

    Did it show up yet? I am still loving mine. No real issues yet. Make sure everything is torqued and tight when you get it. My TAV was about to fall off after the 1st ride (I couldn't wait to take it for a first spin - but should have). Congrats!
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    Get inspired..

    Divouneh, Cool project! Would you mind taking shots of your front and rear tires (at operating pressure) from above so I could get an idea of the profile? Something like this: Love that rear tire!
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    Kenda Road Go Tires

    Took a screen shot of 2SlickNick's video (hope that's cool w/him). These are the SunF 19x7x8 A021 4 Ply's.
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    How to post pictures (Test Area)
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    How to post pictures (Test Area)
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    Kenda Road Go Tires

    I think this is the video 2SlickNick is referring to: A good shot of the tire at 0:52. Looks like a really good street option.
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    CT200u-ex hemi or stock ?

    As FOMOGO mentioned, the hemi and clone flywheels are not the same taper. Unfortunately the cranks are also not an easy swap (longer stroke). I believe you will need a Kohler flywheel to work on the hemi crank.
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    "Big Tuna" Tandem DB-30

    That looks great! And congrats on the award. I will have to check out Dirt Quake next year.
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    Lil' Indian Find

    Tom, Saw that on Thursday and am so glad that you picked it up! If you got it for even less than they were asking then you scored! Really looking forward to seeing it progress.
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    Hi all. New ct200 owner

    Welcome and ask away......I have been upgrading my CT200 and have had a blast. Great people on this site with lots of experience to share.
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    My first build

    Awesome build! Great vision and skills. The handlebars, the seat, the sissy bar, the tank, that rear tire/wheel - all very cool. Keep the photos coming please, and thank you for sharing!
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    Motor Running, Squeaky Noises, Metal Shavings Found

    Let us know if NR does right on that camshaft. I have never had a problem with his stuff and would like to know how he deals w/something like this. Congrats on the motor!
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    Coleman CT200U 5/8" shaft TAV install

    Did you have to cut the frame???? Pictures and details please!!!
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    Frustrated Coleman CT200 newbie

    Yep, they will fit. I am currently running them on my CT200u (and my MB200-2, and another set waiting to go on my 2nd CT200u).
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    Frustrated Coleman CT200 newbie

    Go with the EBC set FOMOGO noted. The EBC's are a big step up from the original set. The springs attach differently (forming an "X"), but they work just fine and are a great replacement. You can also get them off of amazon for a bit less. Just search for EBC 304G.