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  1. noseoil

    Doodlebug - Stretch

    Starting a Doodlebug build. I found a "used" Doodlebug in town for $25, so I grabbed it. Here's how it looked when I found it, a bit rough, but for the money it was a good deal. The main stuff I need is there, the rest I'll have to figure out as I go. Stripped it down & did a chop for an 8"...
  2. noseoil

    Broken spring

    Just curious, I'm running the Black Mamba cam, stock rockers (1:1 ratio) & all new SS valves, retainers, lash caps & 26 pound springs. Did a test pass today & at 6880 rpm it snapped a spring on the exhaust side. Fortunately, it didn't suck the valve & I've replaced the spring with an older one...
  3. noseoil

    VC 460 rpm range?

    Wondering who has built one of these motors? Which parts, cam, insides etc. & what rpm range is "safe" for pulling good sustained power out of this type of motor?
  4. noseoil


    Wondering how many people are balancing their crankshaft/piston combinations here. I've had to pull the head on my modded motor & am thinking it would benefit from a balance. I've never done this, but am interested in how much it would help. Right now it shakes pretty badly at 3800-4000 rpm...
  5. noseoil

    New build, straight line speed attempt...

    Started a new build, wanting to go faster with the modified motor I did a while ago. This is going to be a bit of an experiment in many ways. I'm really rusty at welding, but doing better after more than 40 years of none at all. I finally got the shop set up well enough to do this one, after a...
  6. noseoil

    18X8X8 rim & brake recommendation?

    Building a bike for straight-line racing, want to use the 18x8x8 Jr. Dragster slick on the back end for higher top end. What's a good rim/hub/brake setup for a 1" live axle? I've been looking around, but there's a bunch of stuff out there so it's a bit confusing. What do you recommend that works...
  7. noseoil

    Chain tension & axle creep?

    I keep having a problem with chain tension & wonder what I can do to help keep it from happening. Basically, I adjust the chain to get it where I want, but after riding, it seems like I get axle creep & the tension increases until it's too tight. I have the axle in place & tighten the nuts to...
  8. noseoil

    212 & built motor vibration

    I've seen threads about 212cc predator engines & vibration, just wanting to know about other people's rides & what they find is "normal" with a modded motor. The build is a 212 hemi, billet rod & flywheel, 11:1 Bullfrog piston, Black Mamba cam, mild porting, header & Mikuni VM22-133 carb with...
  9. noseoil

    PMR Jackshaft kit for the Warrior

    I need to get working on the motor I built for the bike, but the TAV2 wasn't up to the job. I couldn't really do a proper job of tuning, since the TAV was limiting rpms too much & was not happy pushing it that hard. Above 4000 rpms, where it made the real power, wasn't too good for the TAV...
  10. noseoil

    Wanted: Baja Warrior struts

    Have a hole in one of my front struts, so I need a pair to rebuild. Looking for a set from an old MB165 or MB200 someone can part with for not too expensive. Will replace the seals, but fasteners must be in good shape, not butchered & holes (for axle, etc.) must be good still to work with...
  11. noseoil

    MB165 leaking strut

    I have a pin hole in one of the struts which is leaking during bumps & hard riding. Will the MB200 struts fit the MB165? I found some online, but I'm wondering if they are the same. I've seen it both ways, they fit & they don't. Anyone know about this one? I would do a rebuild, but the hole is...
  12. noseoil

    Talking Smack in ... (Denver & other places too)

    This thread is dedicated to certain people who have an ongoing grudge & need to get it out of their systems. I'm hoping it will clear up some bandwidth from other threads, so we don't have to listen to who has a bigger "Johnson" & who has a faster bike. Let's get the popcorn started folks & see...
  13. noseoil

    New bike, another Warrior

    Found a "new" to me bike yesterday, an old Warrior Heat & lots of aches & pains (metal fenders). It just needs a little bit of work & maybe a tire or two, but should be a good rider once it's finished. Will post along the way as I make some progress. Plan on leaving it mostly stock, but will be...
  14. noseoil

    TAV2 backing plate to a clutch?

    Has anyone changed a TAV 2 backing plate into a chain-to-chain drive? I'm getting up to 15 hp & thinking I may want to run a chain-driven clutch instead of the belt system it comes with from the factory. Seems like I could just run the jackshaft with a sprocket as a driven part, make a sleeve to...
  15. noseoil

    Need Mikuni help / idle speed too high

    Finally fired up the new motor & I have a small problem with the Mikuni 22mm carb. It seems to run a bit fast, as in really fast at idle. Here's what it does at idle... I changed the TAV springs to white ones (3100 engagement) & it's idling fast enough to spin the rear tire at idle...
  16. noseoil

    A build for speed

    I'm in the planning stages for a mini bike built for top speed. Not wanting a drag bike necessarily, but something which will go very fast on the top end. I'd like input on wheel & tire combinations to do this. The front tire will most likely be an 8" spinner rim for a 5/8" axle, but not...
  17. noseoil

    Bonneville & the salt, 2017

    Is anyone going to Wendover this week? Speedweek starts again on Friday! I'll be back at the salt again & if you're up there, stop by & say hello. We set up between the pits & the fuel truck at the edge of the track each year. Will have the bike for transport & the camper for sleeping. tim...
  18. noseoil

    Hemi build started

    I'm building a motor for a new bike (I don't have it yet, more to come on that one later). Decided to build with the 212 predator (60363) I got with a coupon for $99.00 at HF. It's nothing too wild, but here's the plan so far. Black Mamba cam 0.275" lift, 26# springs Bullfrog's pop-up...
  19. noseoil

    Exhaust spring, borrowed from sixpac440's thread

    Here's how the die spring sounds in my bike.
  20. noseoil


    Wondering about any members from Tucson or the surrounding area. Would like to hear from you & maybe go for a ride when it cools off a bit (October maybe this year?) & there's time. Let me know, tim