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    1958 Yard-Man Yardster

    I just bought it. Looks pretty original and in survivor condition. I can't find photos, manuals or much about them online. Any links to more info or pics would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Love it

    Just wish the dude wasn't asking a stupid price Vintage very rare Fox Mini Bike L@@K !!
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    Skat Kitty For Sale

    The engine runs. I have the plate to convert to handlebar throttle control. I know motor it is a replacement. I also have a new reproduction gear cover from the people in AZ. that makes them. I am just off I-75 between Atl. and Chattanooga. I prefer to ship it intact uship/haulbikes, etc...or...
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    CL Trolling

    Not mine, down the road aways. mini bike project
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    Mini and can you ID the engine?

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    1969 Sears or Byrd Mfg.

    Found something else that I want to buy. $300 maybe a little wiggle room for a quick deal (next day or so via paypal). I'm just off I-75 between Atl. and Chattanooga. The motor was replaced in the 70s. It runs, drives, and stops, but probably use a tune up. I can look or get numbers for you if...
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    Barber Motosports Vintage Festival

    First time I've ever been. What a blast! Vintage racing, swap meet, museum, thousands of vintage bikes and some mini's. I highly recommend it for anyone remotely interested in old bikes. Mostly European and Japanese bikes. Very few of the HD crowd. Barber Vitage Festival - Imgur
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    I bought another mini bike today

    It was advertised as a 1967 Sears. Do you think that is what it is/was? Or JC Penny? And I think I read that a company called 'Bird MFG' actually made these? And under other names? Trying to decide what to do with it. I have no idea what the seat is from? Original or replacement wheels? It...
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    Throttle installation questions

    I bought the 730136A control. My first time hooking up a thottle control. Please bare with me. Is there a part number or size for the cable barrel/clamp end to fit into the control? I want to make sure to get the correct part. Would Home Dep. or Tractor Supply have it? To attach the new...
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    What is this one?

    I know everything has been replaced on it. Frame and handlebars are probably the only original items? Thanks.
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    One more from me. What is it?

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    What bike is this?

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    New Skat Kitty Owner

    I just bought this one. Missing sprocket cover, original engine, maybe a few other things. I may take some liberty with it since it isn't too original. Maybe metal flake paint with vintage sixties racing stickers, a pit bike or something. My main problem is the engine. It came with...