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  1. danford1

    Some good RANT videos

    Here are links to 3 video Rants about other people being loud and you can't do anything about it. Also about other people have the right to watch football (or any other sport), but you don't have the right not to watch it. Also a video about one persons schedule vs other peoples schedule. I...
  2. danford1

    WTB: Good used Billet rod for 196cc clone.

    I have a Greyhound 196cc clone. I'm gathering parts for a mild build on a super small budget... I'm looking for a good used billet rod. Stock length is fine but will entertain longer rods. Let me know what you have and how much you want for it. Thanks Danford1 PS you can PM me or text me if...
  3. danford1

    Thanks you mrpat and cheezy1 for hosting another Build Off !

    Thank you mrpat and cheezy1 for hosting another Build Off ! The time seemed to fly by. Hard to believe 5 months have elapsed so fast. I enjoyed building and REALLY enjoyed following all the great builds. Thanks Again. Cheers Danford1
  4. danford1

    Looking to have a seat cover made.

    I have a Gilson/Wards 525 that I need a seat cover for. I have the wood and foam, just need a cover. I can staple it on... I checked with Manchester1 but she only makes complete seats, not covers. I only need a cover. Who else makes covers? I can send them my old cover to use as a pattern if...
  5. danford1

    Happy Easter Everyone !!!

    Happy Easter Everyone !!! Danford1
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    How do I unsubscribe to a thread?

    How do I unsubscribe to a thread I subscribed to? Danford1
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    Sears Puddle Jumper -Restored- 10hp Briggs Animal, many new parts. $1000

    This is one on my 2017 build off bikes. It is a Restored Sears Puddle Jumper. It has front and rear suspension with hydraulic rear shocks, torque converter, Karen's custom seat, front and rear brakes, Briggs 10hp Animal engine, 10" wheels, runs great, rides great, ready to ride. Excellent...
  8. danford1

    Danford1 1975 Rupp Roadster2 Vintage Open Class

    1975 Rupp Roadster2 Vintage Open Class. It has a flathead 5hp Briggs with Mikuni carb on it now. I have a 94SS cam to put in it when I rebuild the engine. I'll be keeping the Briggs on it hence the Open class. My plan is to paint it the Magenta/Purple 75 Rupp color. I still have some paint...
  9. danford1

    Danford1 Wards 525 Just For Fun Class

    This is my Wards 525 entry for the Just For Fun Class. It is something I started working on earlier last year. I put a Rupp front suspension on it and 10" Rupp steel wheels and tires. It has a Briggs Animal engine and a torque converter. Massive fun :-) I plan to paint it the Wards blue color...
  10. danford1

    Mounting plate bolt patterns, 212 vs 301, 420

    Do the 212, 301 and 420 engines all have the same bolt pattern for mounting the engines? If the 301 and 420 are bigger, where can I find the dimensions for the hole pattern? Thank you. Danford1
  11. danford1

    Engine Vibration Isolation Mat. $15 Free Shipping

    5/32" thick 4" wide 7 1/2" long rubber vibration isolation mat. $15 Free Shipping to lower 48 States, other areas pay actual shipping charges. Use these under engine on top of engine mounting plates. It Reduces engine vibrations to frame. They don't totally eliminate it, but they do reduce it...
  12. danford1

    Montgomery Wards 525 Serial numbers

    Am I correct in assuming if I had a Wards 525 with serial number 17X106789 that it would have been the 106,789th 525 minibike made? I'm trying to determine approx how many 525's were made... Thanks Danford1
  13. danford1

    Wanted: Black Mamba Jr cam for Non Hemi Predator

    I'm looking for a Black Mamba Jr cam for a Non Hemi Predator. PM me with your price with shipping to Michigan, zip code 48386 Thanks Danford1
  14. danford1

    Massive burnout, Rupp Enduro with a Predator.

    This video may have been posted before but I haven't seen it. A guy was trying to get a Rupp tire to pop while doing a burnout. He finally got it to pop but it took a Loooooooooooooonnnggggggg time. He did a nice job redecorating the garage wall too :-) Just keep watching the video till the end...
  15. danford1

    WTD: Rupp parts, rear fender, kickstand, grab bar for Roadster2

    I have a couple of 71-75 Rupp Roadster2's and I'm looking for parts for a budget build. I know I can order some Brand New parts, but that just can't happen financially right now. I shot my wad on the last batch of Rupp parts I bought :-( I need a Rear Fender, Kickstand and Grab Bar for the...
  16. danford1

    What is this?

    I was at a guys house buying a couple Rupps and he had this roller. It wasn't for sale but he asked if I knew what it was. He said he heard it was a Cheiftan or a Trail Horse. I didn't know but I thought someone changed the front end because of the spacer in the triple trees. The front end has...
  17. danford1

    Rupp wheel bearing spacer #17919

    I'm piecing together a rear wheel assembly for a Rupp Scrambler/Hustler with a 10" slotted steel wheel. There is a spacer, #17919, shown on Blackwidows site that goes inside the wheel between the bearings. It is easy to make but I need to know the correct length for it. I figured if someone had...
  18. danford1

    Wanted: Rear swing arm for Wards/Gilson Trail bike version

    I'm looking for a swing arm for a Wards 525 Trail Bike. I'm sure a Gilson model was the same. I have 10" wheels. The swing arm for the trail version is longer than the stock swing arm. Let me know what you have and how much you want for it. Thanks Danford1
  19. danford1

    Bonanza Roller, 10" wheels, chrome fenders, great shape $300 firm or $500 ride ready

    I have a Bonanza roller, model BC1200 or BC1300. It has 10" wheels with street tires, jackshaft, Chrome shocks and Chrome Fenders (not originals). Seat from something else but it is in great shape and very comfortable. The rear swing arm has been relocated to stretch the wheel base. No rust...
  20. danford1

    WTD: Front fender for a Rupp, Scrambler, Hustler, Roadster2 or Enduro

    I'm looking for a front fender for a Rupp Scrambler, Hustler, Roadster2 or Enduro. I could use the brackets to mount it as well. Let me know what you have and how much you want for it. Danford1