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  1. nds1968

    Super Bronc

    I picked this beast up yesterday along with another Boonie. Got the ski and a custom jerry can chain/ clutch cover.
  2. nds1968

    Lil Indian 600

    Frame and forks only, not selling the wheels until the frame and forks are sold. Here is my old eBay link for more pics Frame has extra holes drilled in it, foot pegs are cut off and neck is all...
  3. nds1968

    Evel Knievel pedal trike

    Not mine, just thought some of you guys would enjoy this. Mods delete or move if need be.
  4. nds1968

    Broncoo Tx1

    Not mine...
  5. nds1968


    What is it guys? Thanks
  6. nds1968

    Lil Indian 600

    Shameless plug, PM if your interested.
  7. nds1968

    Huffy Sheraton

    I picked this up today. Looks very original. Engine is coded 1969, 7hp with a 26" cut. I wanted a 5hp model but this one was to nice to pass up.
  8. nds1968

    Conversation piece?
  9. nds1968

    Any idea on ID?

    Any idea guys?
  10. nds1968

    Lil Indian 6" wheel half

    I need one 6" Lil Indian aluminum wheel half. Thanks, Nate
  11. nds1968

    Lil Indian's Score....again

    Picked up three Lil Indian's model 7000 (I think) 600 2 speed model and a Spitfire. I did have to pony up to get them but I just couldn't let them stay in a damp basement.
  12. nds1968

    Montgomery Ward XE525

  13. nds1968

    1970 Sperry Rand Tricart

    Not mine
  14. nds1968

    What do we have?

    It's on CL. Thanks
  15. nds1968

    What is it?

    Let me know what you think...
  16. nds1968

    1932 Ford bodied go kart

    Not mine
  17. nds1968

    Pittsburgh CL .... Fox Campus Not mine and I don't have time to go and grab it.
  18. nds1968

    Lil Indian 700

    I picked up another Lil Indian, looks to be mostly original. I need to take a closer look at it still. I didn't try to start it and the brake cable is frozen. I'll have to try to fix the rear fender some cause it is bothering me the way it looks...
  19. nds1968

    You'll need a quarter...

    Not really a mini bike
  20. nds1968


    Not mine