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  1. danford1

    Ru-p Roadster 2 engine replacement

    Thanks ! It was one of my 2018 Build Off bikes. That picture was taken before I painted the front fender to match the tank. Wow, that was 3 years ago. I rode it about 5 hours total and haven't touched it since. I kind of lost interest in minibikes :-(
  2. danford1

    Ru-p Roadster 2 engine replacement

    I have a Roadster 2 with a 5 hp Briggs. It has a Mikuni carb and custom intake to make it work. Danford1
  3. danford1

    Anything Goes! Mini Snowmobile

    This is going to be great :-)
  4. danford1

    Vintage 1971 arctic cat

    Subscribed. I like it :-)
  5. danford1

    Sprocket Fit and Dimensions Confusion

    The 2-1/8" means it has a 2 1/8" hole in it. It takes a 420 chain and has 60 teeth and has 2 different bolt patterns. The numbers in yellow are a reference for you to use to figure out if it fit your bike.
  6. danford1

    The Ultimate

    This forum has rules against giving values for anything. You won't get a straight answer on what it is worth. All you will get is " It is worth whatever someone is willing to give you for it ". If someone from here wants to buy it, they will send you PM with an offer. The 71 Black Widow is my...
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  9. danford1

    Torque converter cover

    Here is the bottom bracket that holds it to the foot peg bar
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    1971 Rupp Hustler

    Are there any updates on this build?
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    Mini trike build

    You mentioned chain tensioners for rear suspension and on engine plate. I Highly recommend you mount a couple sprockets on your swing arm shaft instead. Chain tensioners work fine when riding but when you hit the brakes the spring tension will release and leave the chain loose on the top of...
  12. danford1

    Sears Puddle Jumper

    I restored a Sears Puddle Jumper a couple years ago for the build off. Here is a link to the resto. Mine didn't have a rear tensioner though. It works very well without one. Danford1
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    Montgomery Ward 500

    Any updates ???
  14. danford1

    need help finding a missing part

    bgraves2019, It sounds like you are talking about the governor arm. (regulator arm). A lot of guys take those off when removing the gov. Someone should have some laying around. My opinion is they will send it to you for free if they didn't already throw it out. Make sure you get the bolt and nut...
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    Word Association Game

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    Word Association Game

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    Micro Cycle

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    Vintage Taco 44

  19. danford1

    Vintage Cat 300

    I have the same book. I enjoy looking through it.