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    Stellar Chopper

    I picked this up recently. My plan is to leave it as original as possible. So far it's been cleaning up nicely.
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    Lighted Briggs

    Been looking for one of these for awhile. First one I've come across..
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    Mini bike show NC

    Thought I'd share this. Sounds cool.
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    Who made this?

    Who manufactured this foremost mini sold thru JC Penneys?
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    Powerdyne rail chopper rear fender

    Hello. Needing a rear fender for my next project, including the bracket from bottom of seat to fender. I have other brands of parts to trade or cash. Thanks in advance.
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    Speedway superstar roller

    I have had this awhile. I have come to the conclusion that I will never do anything with this. From my research there are not many around. It deserves better. $285.00 takes it. Prefer local pick up..But not set in stone. located in the triad of NC.
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    Cat Dominator

    Here is a Cat I picked up a while back. Its waiting in the wings to be restored.
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    Sensation chopper

    Here's a Sensation chopper I thought I would share, it's 95% original, I completely disassembled it and hand cleaned every part, I think it came out pretty good, I hope you like it.
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    Arco Chopper 1

    Hello Team. Quick question For you Arco peeps, Just picked up an Arco chopper 1, and was wondering between the two models Arco 1 and Arco 2 chopper which one is the most common? I have never seen an Arco 2 chopper in person, hence the basis of my question. Thanks
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    Sensation Brake Scrub/Pad

    After suffering a spell with CRS, I misplaced this piece during my year long refurbish. Please help me with my recovery. I have lots of things to trade or cash...
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    vintage outboard motors

    Anybody dig old outboard motors? I was into them 30 years ago. Still have lots of stuff on hand mostly Elgin. Have other brands as well. They go from 3 hp up to 15 hp. This stuff would be fantastic for someone who tinkers with these. Most still have spark. Which is good. Im tired of tripping...
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    Sensation Clutch Guard

    Hello team. I am in need of a Sensation clutch guard. Its the last piece needed for my chopper. Have cash or goodies to trade. Thanks.
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    David Bradley sport kart

    I aquired a David Bradley sport kart a while back. Just wondering the years this kart was produced. Any other info would be great. There seems to be very little info on the cool little kart... I had one as child in the early 70s, and I'm thinking of restoring it..Sorry no pic. It has been...
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    Nc Mini bike/Bike show

    Any updates? I still plan on attending..Looks like it will be great weather.
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    NC Shows

    Any future swap meets in NC? Triad area? We are hooked on mini bikes too..:smile:
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    What is this?

    Hello, Fresh out of the barn. What make is this. Chain guard still attached. Thanks
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    what model speedway?

    Hello gurus. I was told this was a speedway superstar. Can any of you confirm this? I have had this for several years and was never 100% sure. I had thought about restoring this but the cost of the missing tank held me back. It uses the 68 69 rupp tank. It appears they are made of gold. lol
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    Powerdyne rail chopper

    Here is another chopper I found, The original paint under the black is yellow. Its actually in pretty good condition. Missing rear fender though.
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    Tecumseh Engine Question

    What year did Tecumseh go from metal gas tank to the plastic one? The sereal # on metal tag on the shroud starts with a 4. Does this mean 64 or 74? The tank is metal. The engine is on a bonanza 1200bc with the go power wheels and forward pegs. Does this mean my bonanza is a 64 or 74? I know the...
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    Sensation chopper

    Hello. Great site. Could any of you tell me what color or colors this chopper was offered in from the factory? Mine appears to be some type of purple color. Just wondering if this was all that was offered? Once I learn pic post skills I will post a pic. Thanks