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    All original sensation chopper

    Very nice.
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    Stellar Chopper

    I picked this up recently. My plan is to leave it as original as possible. So far it's been cleaning up nicely.
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    Parting out a Complete Cat All American Slingshot

    Hello. What's the lowest you'll go on the engine?
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    Lighted Briggs

    As stated earlier. It did come off a Troy built tiller. Removed it my self.
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    Lighted Briggs

    It did. I've kept my eyes open for one of these for a while now.
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    Lighted Briggs

    Been looking for one of these for awhile. First one I've come across..
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    Mini bike show NC

    Thought I'd share this. Sounds cool.
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    Who made this?

    Great Info. I have a period correct small Briggs I may go with. This tiny mini is kinda cool. I have the original guard to it as well.
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    Who made this?

    Great. You answered my questions before my slow poke self could type.. thanks again
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    Who made this?

    Thanks. So the 69 model only had the disc brake? Could it have Briggs on it originally? I want use the correct engine for this.
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    Who made this?

    So to be clear this was made by Bird? Also what power plant would have come on it? Thanks for you input.
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    Who made this?

    Who manufactured this foremost mini sold thru JC Penneys?
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    V:cool:ery Cool!
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    Tecumseh Display Shelf

    Sweet..I have one of those. Only other one I've ever seen. I assumed the hole was for the crank shaft on the vertical engines to sit flush, for store display.
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    Sensation chopper

    Thanks. Hmm..I have another one that needs some love.
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    Sensation chopper

    71 engine on the purple one. The other (yard sale fine no pic) was missing the shroud. But it had the sissy bar pad and clutch cover on it..I've been searching for those items for quite sometime. It was a good day! :) Nice Sensation ya got there. I have a red roller like yours..Found it at a...
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    Sensation chopper

    Yes.. The only thing that is not original is the front tire and a couple of fasteners. I replaced some with chrome ones. I still have the original front tire, just don't trust it. The one I just found at a yard sale was missing the seat and It was also a different color..
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    Sensation chopper

    Update. I finally found an original sissy bar pad and clutch cover for this. I stumbled across another Sensation Chopper at a yard sale. Its now 99% original.. :)
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    NCVBA's 7th annual Minibike & Bicycle Show & Swap Sat. May 6th, Eden, NC

    Any news/updates on any shows for NC? Been awhile since we had one in these parts.
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    1958 Yard-Man Yardster

    Wow.. Never seen that before. Mine has a David Bradley tag. And it was sold through Sears. Interesting..