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  1. old shed finds

    Needed 70s Rupp fuel tank

    We're building up a 70 Rupp Sprint and need a fuel tank . One with dents and blemish will be fine...... Paying cash or trade our late 60s slant shroud HS40 ... Just PM for details....
  2. old shed finds

    Stories of tearing down Dad's lawn mower.

    Just a fun story topic. I had the curious though of how our Briggs and Tecumseh worked so I loved to take them apart at 9 years old or so to see and understand how they worked... Instead of spanking I got told to put it back together and mow the lawn!! I always love these little engines and it's...
  3. old shed finds

    HS40 engine on our Rupp?

    Most of all thanks everyone for help and information.... I hate to do it but I have a few HS40 snowblower engine's and threw one on the Rupp Sprint project ..Now with the goofy small flywheel with the ring gear cause too much vibration? It's a low hours engine but still doing a valve job and...
  4. old shed finds

    New Rupp Sprint project.

    Grabbed this little bike tonight . Was glad to see the original wheels still on and good shape.. Was told it's a 1970 Rupp Sprint. Time to get a parts list together.
  5. old shed finds

    Carbon Quiz ?

    All of our 5 hp experts what the heck made this engine build tons of carbon around the valves and have a perfect clean piston.. ? It's been on a Tote Gote 2 years with hour or two riding trips...Too cold of spark plug? Premium 91 octane fuel? Two years ago it was spotless clean with new intake...
  6. old shed finds

    Question on the known power gain to a 2hp head swap on a 3hp?

    Had these both torn down and the heads look identical? A 2hp and 3hp 'on the bike'.. There is a rumor that we can get a power gain of swapping a 2hp head on our 3hp...? Have I got two 3hp heads? Is there stamping on a 2hp head to identify it?
  7. old shed finds

    I'm still here .. With record heat all month.. dug my project out..

    Grabbed the project out of the tarp where it's been all month with 100 plus degrees been too hot to build. With it's HS40 it's in the process of building the best brake system... Clutch drum brake ? Or rear skid brake? What's your advice.
  8. old shed finds

    HS40 Tecumseh exhaust port ?

    For the correct look pulling this goofy predator looking exhaust muffler on this original 1968 HS40 have pipe threads to allow a pipe and mini bike muffler?? Its not all that cool looking and having hot exhaust blowing next to the left leg..??
  9. old shed finds

    Coleman fire up today

    Well after sitting in shed 5 months and 5 month old garbage new gas the 2018 hemi fired up after 39 pulls yes " Choke On " Guess this is my bad !! I will have some fun and burn all this fuel up... Fun bike Hemi swap with a CVT drive....
  10. old shed finds

    Favorite bike ??

    Is it just me or how many of us have our favorite bike? 15 bikes in my collection I will always grab my Mini Gote. With it 42 degree day today I grabbed this bike changed the oil and flew it around the block several times.. Have many to choose but grab this one..... Photo share you're favorite...
  11. old shed finds

    Front forks that fall out..

    On our garden beater the spring forks were soaked with WD40 for a week then started to work.... One good bump and they stayed stuck upward... So lightly tapping with brass hammer they moved downward. .but one last tap the lower tubes and wheel fell off the bike?? What the heck should hold them...
  12. old shed finds

    My first HS40 roller build.

    Long story short.This bike came together today and Wow how the Tecumseh HS40 will pull a mini bike and quick... Check operating of the kill switch several times before riding this quick mini rod.......
  13. old shed finds

    Topic on cheap or high price gas

    Yesterday just I had to just get away ..Ride for few hours .. So at the Chevron fuel pumps there is the cheap, middle,and top 91 went the top 91 premium gas. In my mind the 5hp Briggs ran like a race jet.. Is this a fact or fiction topic ? Do we gain benefits from premium fuel?
  14. old shed finds

    Tote Gote Fest Utah

    Going to be fun again Sept 26.Saturday. . Im slowly getting ready.. Find it under KSl classified under Tote Gote on search.
  15. old shed finds

    Anybody know this one?

    Got it from a buddy and it looks well made.. Welds are nice and good operating suspension. Just curious what she is?
  16. old shed finds

    Had to share this..on our local adds..

    80 bucks takes this home?? Look close at the clutch and jackshaft assembly and frame cut 3" and position higher to fit that 212.....UGH.....
  17. old shed finds

    Tote Gote 670 Nova test ride.

    We got this one as a roller with seat.Had to build the rest of bike. It seems to be the only bike around with its special worm gear drive system. . Its very smooth with no engine vibration at all RPMs.. Speed is approximate 7 to 15 MPH.... Its kinda a fun one.
  18. old shed finds

    Front bracket on forks on a 670 Nova?

    Any Bonham Tote Gote guys recognize this bracket on our 670 Nova? Trotter,, Davis,,. On top of front forks looks like it holds something?
  19. old shed finds

    Nova Tote Gote..... New project.

    I love having friends and more the better especially when we all have mini bike interest. Today swapping around a couple bikes landed us with this Nova to build.. Worm gear drive front drum brake nice whitewall tires Lol... More fun work to do Lol.....
  20. old shed finds

    HS40 mini bike prep.

    Installed great. Cam PTO cut even and perfect. This one seems to be a normal looking shroud without the electric start ringgear. Photo of tag for Marcus.. Runs like a million bucks. Now rest of parts ordered to finish this one up....