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  1. old shed finds

    Loud Bang/Mini Explosion, Now it Won't Start

    I'd pull the flywheel first and look at your flywheel key .... Sheering it in half will throw the timing off and backfire a loud explosion. Throwing a rod would have ," I'm most cases spray your legs with oil and make a oil mess". And you say you get back home and it pull starts fine but...
  2. old shed finds

    What rim is this

    You gotta Manco 5" they are desirable..
  3. old shed finds

    71 Rupp frame, wheels, tank, fender

    I'm kinda thinking I will challenge the fuel tank I'm in Utah 84129 let's talk cash.
  4. old shed finds

    Needed 70s Rupp fuel tank

    We're building up a 70 Rupp Sprint and need a fuel tank . One with dents and blemish will be fine...... Paying cash or trade our late 60s slant shroud HS40 ... Just PM for details....
  5. old shed finds

    I like sneaky

    Nah gotta flip them tires around nothing looks better on any 70s car with raised white letters...
  6. old shed finds

    rupp sprint 1969 450$

    Even the fuel tank will appear then disappear in the photos.Wow.
  7. old shed finds

    Stories of tearing down Dad's lawn mower.

    Just a fun story topic. I had the curious though of how our Briggs and Tecumseh worked so I loved to take them apart at 9 years old or so to see and understand how they worked... Instead of spanking I got told to put it back together and mow the lawn!! I always love these little engines and it's...
  8. old shed finds

    HS40 engine on our Rupp?

  9. old shed finds

    HS40 engine on our Rupp?

    Most of all thanks everyone for help and information.... I hate to do it but I have a few HS40 snowblower engine's and threw one on the Rupp Sprint project ..Now with the goofy small flywheel with the ring gear cause too much vibration? It's a low hours engine but still doing a valve job and...
  10. old shed finds

    Carb issue hs40

    I'm about to challenge this subject too as I'm doing a rebuild on a Rupp Sprint HS40 I'm thinking of trying the diagram carburetor? I am missing the 130 dollar slant intake so a bowl carburetor may not tune in on the Rupp angle. Anyhow I'm scared to get a Tecumseh carburetor to work right.
  11. old shed finds

    New Rupp Sprint project.

  12. old shed finds

    New Rupp Sprint project.

  13. old shed finds

    New Rupp Sprint project.

    Guess pics won't work tonight
  14. old shed finds

    New Rupp Sprint project.

    Grabbed this little bike tonight . Was glad to see the original wheels still on and good shape.. Was told it's a 1970 Rupp Sprint. Time to get a parts list together.
  15. old shed finds

    Carburetor Expert's

    If I had a dollar for Everytime I tried to get these starting and running good I'd be a millionaire! I tried eBay carburetor and still haven't run correctly..
  16. old shed finds

    What Year and model Briggs

    1952 on your turquoise...
  17. old shed finds

    Flat head Briggs mods. Help needed.

    On my 5 hp I actually rebuilt the thing and doing so just pulled the plastic govoner gear and rod and used a small bolt to plug the rod hole in the block.see pic close.
  18. old shed finds

    Carbon Quiz ?

    We are a mountain state high altitude.and I would bet you are right on as mentioned the premium fuel..The engine is a stock condition nothing fancy so the high octane burns slower results are a carbon mess...
  19. old shed finds

    Carbon Quiz ?

    All of our 5 hp experts what the heck made this engine build tons of carbon around the valves and have a perfect clean piston.. ? It's been on a Tote Gote 2 years with hour or two riding trips...Too cold of spark plug? Premium 91 octane fuel? Two years ago it was spotless clean with new intake...
  20. old shed finds

    A couple unknown beaters

    Yea too bad a heavy rider bent the middle of the top frame tube..