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  1. james ackerman

    tecumseh oval air filter with carb.

    $45.00 plus $5.00 shipping.
  2. james ackerman

    Box of 10 NOS J8 spark plugs

    $35.00 dollars shipped.
  3. james ackerman

    original comet hi-lo setup with instruction manual.

    I have a original Comet Hi-Lo setup for mini bike missing the cable But I'm pretty sure it's just a choke cable. Everything else needed is here. Ive seen these on boonies bikes I think. $250.00 shipped. No holds. Very similar to the two speed lil Indian setups.
  4. james ackerman

    set of 6 inch mancos $100

    Cleaner rim is tapped on both sides, no cracks or chips, no tires just rims $100 for the set. PayPal.
  5. james ackerman

    h35 tecumseh

    H35, pulls over, kinda ruff. $125 shipped.
  6. james ackerman

    tecumseh air filter covers.

    $15 shipped each.
  7. james ackerman

    tire wizz tire tool

    Bought for shelf display, never tried to use it. For 5 inch wheels. $65
  8. james ackerman

    Carlisle 5.30/4.30-6 double indian

    $65 plus shipping. Still in great usable shape. PayPal preferred.
  9. james ackerman

    trail cat roller

    Trailcat roller for sale I have full decal set Motors not included Only missing rear fender. $300, PayPal preferred. Also have another frame Forks seat and shocksThat would be for sale separate.
  10. james ackerman

    Cyclops/ manco wheels.

    $60 for the Cyclops wheel 40 a piece for each Manco wheel Cyclops is a 6in Mango Wheels one is a 5in one is a 6in All three wheels are tapped on one side. $5 shipping per wheel PayPal preferred
  11. james ackerman

    Heald super trike stx 400.

    Runs and drives needs new belt and hydraulic brakes rebuilt. Pm me with questions $450 PayPal prefered. I don't wanna sell but im trying to put together some money for a project. Depending on distance delivery may be possible.
  12. james ackerman

    nos comet 2speed clutches

    Both nos never used. $100 a piece. Plus shipping.
  13. james ackerman


    Hs40 motor currently has a h35 shroud on it. I also have the carb and round airfilter. 200 plus the ride.
  14. james ackerman

    Manco wheel halves.

    35 a piece for 5 inch 40 a piece for 6 inch. No chips or cracks. PayPal excepted. Shipped from Ohio.
  15. james ackerman

    What is it? Go kart cycle? Flexo? Flea? Homemade?

    I think the side bars may have been added due to them being of different sizes and the welds look to be ruffer then some others.
  16. james ackerman

    What is this? I think i may know, but not sure.

    The forks and rear axle mount resemble an early ccs bike. The frame and swingarm are nothing like anything ive seen on a ccs bike. What is it? A few ccs photos for reference.
  17. james ackerman

    VMBC portland Indiana. July 26th thru 29th 2018 Who is going?

    I will be there Saturday maybe as early as friday evening. Curious if any other members will be there.
  18. james ackerman

    Actual tecumseh shrouds x3

    Silver shroud was zinc plated I think tag is almost in readable but it is a 1971 hs40. The black shroud is a 1977 or 1987 hs50 not positive on the shroud design on them years. The white one is a hs50 of 78 or 88 again not positive. Silver 25 Black 25 White 25 Plus the shipping.
  19. james ackerman

    Craftsman tecumseh shrouds x2

    25$ plus the shipping
  20. james ackerman

    Taylor spark arrestor exhaust x4

    The two on the left have a dent or two and one is bent. The two on the right are nice with a coat of patina. Would like to sell the lot for $150 shipped.