1. B

    1960s Baldwin Trail-Cycle?

    Hey there y'all, First time post here. Recently came across this long beauty in the southern ID region. 2 numbers stamped on front fork, BAIOA/21059. Having a hard time finding out much info about the bike, or the company. Found a few similar looking bikes on here but just want to find out as...

    1959 hillman husky trailer ?

    I have been considering turning this car into a travel trailer would the build thread be more appropriate in off topic or projects and rides?
  3. P

    OLD west bend 510 1959??

    got an old west bend 510, believe its 1959, very similar to 580, good compression, needs plug wire 150 plus ship
  4. xr7gt


    I was prompted to introduce myself, my name is Garey. I have what I think is an early tote gote trail skeeter. The serial number stamped into the fork is #120 It has a 1959 model 6 Briggs and Stratton. I will post pics soon. I also have a couple of go karts, a 1961 Sears Roebuck and a mid...
  5. dw1973

    1959 West Bend 580 kart/minibike motor

    Vintage collectible 1959 West Bend 580. Strong compression/good running. HL134A carburetor and Go Power intake produces 5-1/2 to 6 HP. Needle bearings on the wrist pin and crank pin, ball bearings on the crankshaft. Clutch/mount included. Good motor for a mini bike or go kart. $450 + ship from 49279
  6. mountain38

    1959 3hp B&S 81302

    Hello I pulled this little Briggs off of my 1960 Monkey Ward bike because it will not get spark and I got tired of fighting it. I have come back to it and want to put it back on because my 10 year old boy wants to build his own bike (he has some big ideas :) ) So here is the question: can I get...
  7. F

    How do I remove centifugal clutch 1959 Tote Gote?

    I recently bought a 1959 Model A Tote Gote. I want to swap engines. How do I remove the centrifugal clutch?
  8. dw1973

    1959 Simplex Servicycle

    Real nice bike with rare front brake. New Simplex seat cover also installed not in pic. Comes with very good running Honda GX200 engine. $1400 firm /cash only. Located in Sand Creek, MI 49279.
  9. blkscorpion80

    1959 Briggs

    2hp Briggs Great running 4 post aluminum block engine. I've had this engine for a looong time and havent done anything with it. I cleaned and adjusted the carb today. Its ready to bolt on and go. I removed the gov., but I still have all of the parts and they will be included in the sale. There...
  10. G

    1959 McClean/Husky Big Wheel w/ 1966 B&S 6hp

    Been awhile since I've been active here as I sold the old Rupps I had and now have a few motorcycles, but I've held on to this one. Haven't really gotten anywhere on it, so time to see if anyone is interested. It is a 1959 McClean Big Wheel tractor, one of about 500 made in Indiana. The company...
  11. RobertC

    1959 Bonham Tote Goat

    Hey Folks, Ran accross a craigslist add that I thought may be of interest to some of you.. 1959 Bonham Tote Goat...just outside Charlotte NC. (the link below get's it's title from the craigslist add)...so I don't know if it is rare or not, and given that it has a non original engine, i am not...
  12. oldfatguy

    1959 3hp briggs engine in central nj

    toro power handle here's a good deal on an old briggs. These toro engines are all steel bores. This has been for sale for a while so you could probably score it at a good price. I collect these toro power handles but I don't feel like driving that far to get it . if someone buys it I would...
  13. Frank Davis

    My new kart motor 1959 Ducati 175

    Just kidding, but I'd thought I'd share a photo of a very rare (in the US) Ducati motor I just picked up.......175 sport narrow case....fun stuff
  14. thebronc4019

    Finished Restoration of my 1959 Nash Metropolitan

    I have not done anything with minibikes in the last 5 years because I was busy with this project. The car was a complete "rustbucket" hence the reason the restoration took me 5 years. Did the entire project except for the rebuild of the engine myself. Fun and unusaul car is a blast to drive.
  15. markus

    1959 hedstrom speed mobile go kart

    This thing is cool....if you have the room to store it :doah: 1959 Hedstrom "speed mobile" restored shows nice completely disassembled when it was redone, motor rebuilt, starts easy and runs strong, was a clean complete kart before resto which was done over 15 years ago. came out of PA and...
  16. markus

    1959 speedmobile

    Couple months back I ran into a guy at a swapmeet and he told me he had some interesting karts and some parts that he wanted to sell. I finally go with him recently, Unfortuntaly about 2 month before I met him he said he gave his buddy a late '60 chopper minibike he had for years:doah: Day late...
  17. bullhead

    1959 tote gote

    1959 model"P" ToteGote. New seats, not just covered. New marine vinyl, new foam, new seat pan. New Air filter and adapter. New twist throttle and new soft grips. New control cables and new Torque converter belt. Good tires. Engine run's good. Starts first or second pull. $600, PM me.
  18. dw1973

    Very rare 1959 Yardman Allstate scooter frame

    Built in Jackson, MI. Made one year only in 1959. $250 Located in Adrian, MI.
  19. mmisterbungl

    Go Kart "Cycle" - 1959 Magazine Article

    I got a 1959 issue of Rod & Custom in the mail yesterday. Thought I'd share this awesome article on the Go Kart Cycle that was featured in it. (special dedication to BAB, if you already haven't seen it) Not to mention all the cool old ads strewn along the pages. And look at the prices...
  20. R

    1959 Homelite Trail King

    I'm new to this forum but,thought I'd share some photo's of my recent restoration of my 1959 Homelite Trail King. I was feeling sorry for the old guy sitting there in it brush painted blue paint and rusted up chassis and decided it was time for a new life and a new rider. I hope he has as...