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  1. D

    1970 Rupp Roadster Brake Backing Plate

    Hello, I'm attempting to source a brake backing plate for a 1970 Rupp Roadster( part# 15278, #7 on parts list). I currently have one that has a seized actuator cam(part # 13782, part #9 on parts list), but I cannot figure out how to knock out the pin without destroying the entire backing plate...
  2. Steve73

    1970 cat 400x

    Picked up this sweet cat. Its a runner. Anyone have a proper chain guard for this that wouldn't mine letting go I would be very appreciative. I have a cat guard to a chopper with a slanted engine but not for this one... Enjoy the madness..
  3. T

    1970 Rupp Scrambler

    I just aquired this 1970 Rupp Scrambler and a vintage cr I want cane up for sale so I need to let it go. I don't know much about them but no cracks in frame and original tires. Starts and runs. But I am rebuilding the carb anyway. 1000$$. Located in Southern California. Email...
  4. D

    Finally getting busy with my 1970 Rupp Roadster

    Hello all, I got this Roadster last year from a woman who had it when she was a kid. It wasn't running when I got it as it's had a few people before me tinkering with it. Time to get serious and dig into it. Looking forward to learning from everyone here and perhaps sharing what I learn.
  5. myjunk

    Heath GT 101 Mini bike 1970? Hilltopper

    This is just the way I found it, I have way too many projects ahead of this so I am selling it. I believe it to be a Heath GT 101 (Hilltopper)? It has a Tecumseh h50 engine that turns freely, however the guy before me put the air gun on the flywheel nut and broke the threaded end of the...
  6. nds1968

    1970 Sperry Rand Tricart

    Not mine https://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/mcy/d/1970-sperry-rand-tricart/6255387110.html
  7. Rupp_It_Up

    1970 Rupp Parts - NOS Fenders & TC Cover

    Rupp Parts for Roadster, Enduro & Scrambler P/N 15247 Front Fender - $125 + S/H Chrome is in very good condition for being 47 years old. It has some shelf wear & minor rust spots on one side just above the mounting bracket. P/N 15140 Rear Fender - $150 Each + S/H Both fenders are in...
  8. cruhr1

    1970 Speedway Scarab Survivor

    I picked up this awesome bike today. Looks like it's all there and in great shape. I'm very excited to add it to the collection. Chad
  9. P

    Looking for a crankshaft for my 1970 Tecumseh HS40

    All, still looking for a good crankshaft for my 1970 Rupp Roaster with a HS40 Tecumseh motor. Want to keep it nostalgic. Can anyone provide me with direction? Thank you phosguy
  10. Midyrman

    Tecumseh HS40 Lighted Engine ORIGINAL 1970

    Tecumseh HS-40 Lighted Coil (1970) - original MX1310 engine. Original paint (except air filter canister), new housing and air cleaner decals, great compression and spark, runs clean, carb bowl needle and drain gaskets need replacing and carb likely adjusted. Looks to be never taken apart...
  11. L

    1970 Mongomery Wards (my first build) almost complete.

    I have to mount the front fender, and put some finishing touches on it. Next weekend my son and I will be entering it in a local vintage mini-bike and moped show. Can someone tell me how to upload pictures to a thread?
  12. slywilliez

    1970 Cat HPE Slingshot

    I am selling my Cat sling shot that I bought awhile ago but never got around to it. The slingshot is a great survivor but will need some TLC. The Good, original motor has spark and good compression, NOS muffler too. Bike has the original chain guard and mounting brackets, complete rear disc...
  13. chopperbunch

    1970 Vintage rebuild. Seriously?

    A few newer parts have been added to this... "1970 lil Indian Grand series 7000" only $3000 https://columbiamo.craigslist.org/mcy/6002353371.html
  14. M

    1970 Super Bronc needs new carb

    Have a 1970 super bronc and the carb leaks gas into the air filter... Carb is unique and cant find a replacement. Want to ride the bike!!!
  15. Sport King Eric

    Found a 1970 ish Ruttman Wild Goose today ...

    I have found almost a carbon copy of my very first Motor bike.. its a Ruttman Wild Goose in Plumb Crazy purple.. This will be only the second little bike I've ever owned in my 47 years of riding.. this bike appears to be original except for a later 3.5 Tecumseh engine and different Kill button...
  16. topnotch

    1970 Rupp Sprint Resto-Mod.

    Here is a little project that I have always wanted to build for a very long time, but never got around to do it. I have always put this minibike on the back burner way behind all my other bikes for one reason our other. Now that I'm crazy enough to build five minibikes at one time, here it is...
  17. J

    1970 rupp roadster with 212 predator

    THIS IS A FAST FAST FAST MACHINE. Still have to repaint it and clean up the wheels. Please write below if you have any questions or ideas!
  18. J

    1970 rupp roadster with predator

  19. markus

    Tecumseh H35 1970 tag needed! Will buy, have others to trade etc..

    I need an ID tag for a 1970 H35 that got ruined during paint stripping process trying to remove some really tough paint!! Off a side popper is fine, will buy or I have other tags to trade, 1970 HS40 tag 1967 and 1968 H35, 1969 and 1972 H25 or other parts possibly worth about $35 :shrug: Thanks
  20. M

    RUPP 1970 Enduro not a restore but trying to make more MINE.

    Hello all I been reading through more of the builds here, well RUPP builds and all I can say is wow. I wish I had the money and skills to make mine look this good. Im first trying to make it complete and run then I'll work on making it nicer, or more MINE, as I said in opening line. I already...