1. lonleyinml

    My 1974 Alsport Tri-Sport SL 290 Project

    Greetings all I hope to chronicle the purchase, renovation / restoration of my trike on these pages. I have wanted one of these things every since I first saw one in Wenatchee Washington in 1975. My girlfriend (now wife) and I were driving past a RV dealership and saw them in the parking lot...
  2. lonleyinml

    my 1974 alsport tri-sport

    Hello everybody I just bought my first trike. It is a 1974 alsport trisport. I saw one of these for the first time when I was 19 years old and I have wanted one every since 30 some odd years ago. It seems to be mostly intact I still have most of the rupp engine but it has been replaced with a...
  3. mcbob

    Deckson Hunter for 1974

    Got this sent to me for inclusion on my web site cool. Deckson Hunter ........................ Mc Bob.
  4. steven Durham

    1974 Tri-Sport RTS-8 on ebay

    I didn't know how to post a notice of an ebay sale for a Trike up in Bellevue, Washington It's auction # is 190271264187 It is not mine but it sure looks in good condition. The Tri_sports ride so nice because of how low you sit and a whole lot more fun than a go Kart. Just thought it was worth...
  5. IMG_1222


    my other mini with a powerful 49cc engine that will blow your doors off!!(if I run into them)LOL
  6. F

    Doodlebug with H35 1974

    Hi there, My son and I are trying to get an old doodlebug going and we just can't get the engine running. I noticed your forum and wow, what a great resource. I noticed Motra in your post in the forum about emailing a manual to a member, would you be able to send us a copy or point us (pun...