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  1. G

    Where to buy parts for 1978 Italjet M5C mini?

    Just like the thread title says, where can I find parts for a 1978 Italjet M5C 50cc mini bike? This is an actual Italjet, not a re-badged Indian or other. Looking at the photos, then attempting to match it up to some other brand using google has been fruitless. The bike is 450 miles...
  2. Speed control

    Speed control

  3. Belsaw Institute Tecumseh HS40-55200G 1978

    Belsaw Institute Tecumseh HS40-55200G 1978

  4. Belsaw Institute Tecumseh HS40-55200G 1978

    Belsaw Institute Tecumseh HS40-55200G 1978

  5. Belsaw Institute Tecumseh HS40-55200G 1978

    Belsaw Institute Tecumseh HS40-55200G 1978

  6. cowboyjoe8

    Help identify this 1978 Mini Bike

    I recently bought this mini bike. All I know about it is that it's from 1978. I'm trying to find the make and model. Anybody know? Thanks for your help.
  7. YOOP

    Our next project...........1978 Thompson Sidewinder

    Passed on that old twin endgine cat and a couple others that were quite a cruise to go get.Picked this up yesterday close to us,couldn't pass it up for the price I paid.Needs the wood in the transom and floor replaced,but nothing I can't fix.Still solid enough to go for a ride today,runs...
  8. S

    1978 ATC Honda 70 carb trouble

    I need help with carb. Can only get this thing to run with choke on. Cant find any leaks, Replaced with new head, valves and cam, new carb, and new gaskets, set tappets and still only runs good with choke on. What else can I do? Very frustrating. Thank you!!
  9. SteelheadBen

    1978 Cheeftah Bike Ride

    finally, after a long cruddy winter, got out my mini bike for a test ride. Took it in to school and worked on it, and kept it there over the winter ( free dry storage! ). Modified the throttle (only went to half before at top speed, now its full ) adjusted the back wheel so i no longer need an...
  10. vwfan79

    1978 Sears Free Spirit

    It's not a mini but is still cool and thought someone here may be interested. I figure I would post it here before I put it on CL, my wife and I are moving to the country to a house on a dirt road so this will not be getting used. Anyways it's a 1978 Sears Free Spirit moped and from what I have...
  11. J

    1978 Kawasaki kv75 2stroke clutch help

    Just inquiring if anyone has messed with these bikes. I put a new clutch and followed factory manual of clutch gap of 1mm and shifting into 2nd gear I still get a clutch slipping with about 3/4 throttle. It called for 10w/30 weight engine oil in gear box section and went to motorcycle shop and...
  12. smokinsmo

    1978 Heald Super Bronc Tryke

    Im am moving away from the mini bike scene due to some personal issues and getting rid of most everything mini bike related. First up is my super tryke. I have all the original paper work. It does run and does run good, its all original with a 8hp wisconsin engine on it. Local pickup only...
  13. will72rupp1

    HONDA MINI TRAIL z50 1978

    i have a HONDA MINI TRAIL 1978 for sale $250.00 needs to be restored, needs tires, & motor work, or motor, motor is stuck from sitting,. no head light lens or tail light lens.. its pick up only here in nc exit 52a I95 fayetteville nc. i am about a half an hour from this exit. or i can meet...
  14. will72rupp1

    1978 bird mini bike 3hp briggs needs work $100.00 north carolina

    1978 Bird minibike has 3hp briggs motor with 5/8 shaft, has rear brake & center stand, needs carb & gas tank & clutch & chain throttle assembly, pick up only, $100.00 cash only, i can meet right off of I95 exit 52a
  15. WESST310

    1978 Honda 250R Elsinore

    This is my 250r Elsinore and my carburetor is messed up. I'm just wondering if any of you guys have a 250r Elsinore carburetor that you're willing to sell or no someone.
  16. DT400Rider

    Just picked up a 1978 Chappy

    I don't know any thing yet about this Chappy. I think it is a 50cc. I have a few questions if anyone can answer them. 1. Did they make two 50cc model? One with pedals, one without? 2. Should I hook up the pedals or make a mod to put foot pegs? I assuming there are no footpegs because...
  17. Suzuki rv-90

    Suzuki rv-90

    1978 Suzuki rv-90