1. B

    Long Island Mini Bike Show and Swap Meets 2017! Monthly event!

    L.I. Mini Bike Show and Swap Meet 2017. First show is on Sunday April 23rd Location: 70 Baiting Place Rd Farmingdale NY 11735. Off RT110 and Adams Blvd. Free Event. Vintage Mini Bike/ Go Kart Show and Swap Meet Come on down and Show off your toys, sell some extra parts or mini's or...
  2. electrathon

    electrathon's - Centennial #1 - (18 and Under Class)

    This bike belongs to the tall kid with the curly haired kid. Many of the kids at work.
  3. electrathon

    electrathon's - Bike No.1 - (18 and Under Class)

    I know I am late into this. I have a group of shop kids at Centenial high in Portland Oregon. We we making frame up mini bike builds. I am leading the group with a design and prototype. We started at the beginning of the year, previous to that there were meetings and some layout work. We went...
  4. cheezy1

    2017 Build off goal....100

    Hello...For the few that do not know..this is the second year of having the privilege of running this event for mrpat and myself. Last year we set the bar at 76 entries and at the moment we have about 83 projects entered and the closing date is the 1st of Feb. Help us break 100( or more) builds...
  5. S

    StevieRay's - 69 Bonanza Chopper - (Just For Fun)

    1969 Bonanza Chopper - Just For Fun Class This was my Christmas present in 1969. I started customizing around 1973 but never finished. It was stored in my Mom's attic for 40+ years until she passed away. Thanks everyone for the inspiration! Stevie Ray
  6. O

    Outcasts' - Bonanza - (18 and Under Class)

    Hello, we are team Outcasts. We are from West Branch middle school. The class we are in is CBI or Career Based Intervention. Out teacher is Mr. Davis. We need some help finding out about our mini bike. It is a Bonanza. Right now we would like help finding out what year it is. That is...
  7. T

    Trailblazers' - Trail Horse - (18 and Under Class)

    Hi, we are the Trailblazers. We are building a Trail Horse mini bike for the Build Off. We are Mr. Davis's 8th Grade Group 1 class. If anyone could help us we need help to find out what year our mini bike is. Thank you.
  8. JustEnough

    Mac's Minibike Yard Sale Saturday January 28, 2017 Norwalk CA

    Mac's Minibike Yard Sale Saturday January 28, 2017 Norwalk CA Just talked to Mac on the phone and confirmed that it is rescheduled to the 28th because it looks like rain for sure Friday the 20th and Saturday the 21st. Mac plan's to be at home on the 21st for the people that missed the...
  9. H

    Mini Bike & Scooter Meet - May 13th 2017 - Bowers,PA

    Not my event. Use the contact info on the flyer. My replies from the last thread are still relevant and available. As well as the other member who posted. Thread was removed at his request.
  10. manchester1

    manchester1's - Tom Thumb - (Anything Goes)

    I decided to see if I could squeeze this in.:laugh: Tom Thumb frame by Evan. This Tom Thumb has a much shorter wheel base than my other TT's. Hopefully the Predator fits.:laugh: I hope to get the rust off the frame tomorrow and some quick primer as its pretty warm here temporarily for January.
  11. Build off 2017

    Build off 2017

    Tom Thumb
  12. Raskin

    Monster Motos 2017

    Monster moto 2017..cool..maybe front fork suspension making comback ...might be forks available for some guys wanting...no rear suspension..but never know....bigger engines on these..tires..cvt mmb212 upgraded brakes https://www.monstermoto.com/new-products operations of this company was brought...
  13. glenn baine

    Glenn Baine - GOKART CYCLE - (Vintage Class)

    i bought this summer ( GOKART CYCLE)
  14. Hangarbrat

    Hangarbrat's - reverse trike - (Anything Goes)

    Gonna give this a try,my first build off. Going for a reverse trike style mini. Gonna bend up my own frame. Got a few parts going to have to order some more things to get going on it. I must say some real talent out there I've been watching for a while now gonna get my feet wet and see what happens.
  15. H

    New member jan 2 2017

    Hey, Gents, Ladies, fellow minibikers and small engine tinkerers. Thought I say hi, and that Im looking forward to the forum, I dont do many groups or threads; this site hits home for me, what grown child doesnt love a minibike or kart. I've been hooked on the hornet mb-80 eversince me and...
  16. gumpit

    Windber Mini Bike Reunion 2017

    Ok. Who is going?
  17. cheezy1

    2017 mystery object

    Hello everyone and welcome to the 2017 Build Off. This years mystery object is.......oops hold on be back in a couple minutes.:doah:
  18. OND

    2017 Is Going to Be a Great Year !

    I 've been waiting for 2017 for a long time now.. So now have 5 months left to pay on this place and It will be all mine.:biggrin: and no more payments.:thumbsup: May is the big month....I just hope I live long enough to enjoy It ! :laugh: Counting down . :wink:
  19. mrpat

    OldMiniBikes Build-Off 2017 Classes and Rules

    OldMiniBikes Build-Off 2017 Classes and Rules Welcome to the OldMiniBikes 2017 Build-Off! This thread has all the basic rules, regulations and other info to participate. If something doesn't seem clear, or you have a specific question not covered here, please feel free to post it here, or PM the moderators...