1. db30-beast

    wanted cat 250x rear rim

    looking for a cat rear rim with or with out the sproket
  2. db30-beast

    axels for cat 250x

    just wondering were i can find axels for my cat 250x front n rear a link would help also a sproket for it to thanks
  3. D

    WTB: CAT 250X Front End

    Pictures & Prices Please
  4. steveweippert69

    cat 250x frame and fork

    i have a old cat frame and fork 100 obo
  5. J

    Project Cat 250x

    Before i go on vacation up to Nor Cal i wanted to post up some pics that ive been working on. I wish it couldve been done by now but ive been busy with work. Ive always like the look of old school cars with the cream color. and i got the idea to do it on a mini bike when i remember seeing a...
  6. azndude3141

    Finally completed my cat 250x restoration

    its finally done!!! check out the pics. top speed id say is about 25 mph with governer still atttached. tell me what you guys think.
  7. Rockwall

    Cat 250x

    Selling my Cat 250x ... $450.00 obo ... Completely redone right down to every nut and bolt ... 3 hp Briggs runs perfect ... Speeds up to 22 mph ... Add a clutch cover from Mac and It's done ... Nice bike ... Rides great ... Will ship if needed at my discretion only ... Buyer pays all shipping...
  8. Ayers Garage

    Cat 250x restoration and modification build thread

    First off, this will probably take several posts to get started. I have a lot of pictures. I'm a new guy here so I figured I'd do a build thread on my latest project. It's a Cat 250x that I bought a few weeks ago for 50 bucks... The engine was wasted from sitting outside uncovered for...
  9. Runninlate

    CAT 250x - 1969 HPE Muskin Cat

    Here's the catalog Picture of a 1969 CAT 250x Here it is today, a true survivor the Green 1969 CAT 250x A True Survivor I drove about 150 miles for this Green 250X, the picture on Craiglist looked lousy. I met the parents of the original owner and I almost dropped to the...
  10. Cat 250X

    Cat 250X

  11. Rockwall

    Just A Quick before And After 250x Cat

    This is what I started with ... This is finished ...
  12. azndude3141

    cat 250x rebuild

    im planning to restore a cat 250x that my dad found. my budget is $100. lol ok heres what came with it, yea, lol, thats all i got, the frame, forks, and the wheels. not too bad :sailor: it happened that i had a left over engine that was in ALMOST mint condition. we got it from the...
  13. T

    Cat 250x wheel sprocket

    Hello all, Picked up a Cat 250x last week in great shape with a clean uncut frame. The wheel sprocket is worn a little so I wanted to replace it. The dimensions are 1 5/8" bore with a 2 5/8" four bolt pattern, 60 tooth and 35 chain. I am having difficulty finding a sprocket. Northern...
  14. Cat 250X

    Cat 250X

  15. minibikin'

    New project, CAT 300X

    I picked this up a few weeks ago. After scoring (3) 3.5 hp Briggs engines and the Maple Grove swap meet for $10, I now have the power plant LOL. I have eveything planned and it should go together quickly. I'm waiting on two little pieces and it's on. I noticed that it has chrome revoeable...
  16. Cat R2501

    Cat R2501

    Basically a later version of the 250X
  17. A

    need help on CAT 250X forks

    can anyone please post pictures of your forks if they are perfectly straight? mine are 90% straight, one side seems to go about an inch more back than the other though. dont know if one is pushed back or the other is pushed forward. please post pictures of side to side, top and bottom, and how...
  18. prime mover

    Cat 250x

    Just finished freshening this up, new clutch, new rear tire/tube, new board in seat, new chain, has a craftsman 3 hp with stand alone carb pertfect for custom tank and side exit exhaust sounds cool. Runs good rode for about a half hour yesterday, doesnt really need anything but a front tire...
  19. HPE Muskin Cat 250X

    HPE Muskin Cat 250X

  20. A

    WANT to TRADE: CAT 400X for CAT 250X

    I AM LOCATED IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. it has a 3.5 briggs and runs good. i would like to trade frames for frames, but if you want the whole mini bike, thats fine too. i dont want any bent or cracked bikes since this one is in good shape. here are 2 pics of my bike show me what...