1. Cat 350SS, 400X, & 400TS

    Cat 350SS, 400X, & 400TS

  2. C

    Is This a Cat 400TS?

    Hi all, I just bought this frame. It will be my first venture into the mini bike world let alone my first build. I'm curious about what I actually bought. Is this a HPE Muskin Cat 400TS? If it is, it looks like they removed the jack shaft tabs and brake tabs. The frame has been primered...
  3. Cat 00TS

    Cat 00TS

    Cat 400TS
  4. Cat 00TS

    Cat 00TS

    Cat 400TS
  5. Cat 00TS

    Cat 00TS

    Cat 400TS
  6. 45t

    My son's Cat 400TS build

    My son negotiated for this in July for $75. It's a 1970 Cat 400TS. This is how we found it (missing a lot of parts).
  7. 45t

    Really needed 4.00-6 & 4.10x3.50x6 knobby tires for a Cat 400TS

    I went to air the tires up on my sons 400TS project we recently picked up and they both cracked (both were dried up). :scared: So we are in need of a 4.00-6 rear knobby tire and a 4.10x3.50x6 (12.5x6) front knobby tire. I've included a few pics of what we desperately need. Hopefully there are...
  8. derekbmn

    70' Cat 400TS Survivor Photos

    Just got this bike all cleaned up, detailed etc, etc this past weekend. 100% All original (excluding the engine decals) Thanks for looking. And in a little different light....
  9. 70' Cat 400TS Survivor

    70' Cat 400TS Survivor

  10. Aplyedmind

    Cat 400TS Very nice Survivor Mac fest Find!

    The shorty Picked up this Cat 400TS at Macfest It was hidden in the back of a guys van named mark who showed up a couple hours before the yard sale ended. The Story (extended version:biggrin:) Woke up the morning of Macfest , Late, Friends in a Rush to leave ,Sleepy (stayed up all...
  11. B

    Cat 400TS Mini Bike

    For sale is a rare Cat 400TS. It has a 3hp briggs motor that runs good and i also have a 1970's tecumseh motor that doesnt run but i believe it is the original so if you want it then i will throw it in with the bike. In the picture the front fender is not there but i just ordered a new chrome...
  12. 45t

    Possible Cat 400TS in Chicago

    Found this on Craigslist in Chicago. Its got the wrong handlebars but looks like a 400TS (jackshaft mounts present and has disc brake set up on right ride). Looks nice except for the bars. Homemade minibike; doesn't run (possible gas problem), no brakes, flat tires... but did run well at one...
  13. spewya

    wtb cat 400ts parts

    hey guys .. im new to this fourn and new to mini bikes .. i just picked up a cat 400ts minibike for 50 bucks ..non running .. for all i know now is it need a jug, if any one has a good seat im interested..i also need a spring that s in the rear clutch .i belive that it is a comet clutch lmk...