1. Davis

    Bare bonanza jackshaft

    I just got a new jackshaft from OldMiniBikes and it doesn't have a key way cut in it what do you guys do with these as it seems the gears will spin out on it with just set screws.
  2. FirePowerMinis

    14cc Honda GX Bare Heads $20 Each Or Trade For Tec Parts

    Bare, cleaned, unneeded. My parts washer solvent discolored some, but it blasts back to shiny. $20 each plus a couple bucks for the mailman, unless you're accidentally in Flint MI. One is a new clone, with mild porting, others genuine. I need billet rods and cams for an HS50 and HM100
  3. 1stBxMopar

    "Bare Bones Arco" - Vintage Class

    This is gonna be a restore of the smallest bike in the Alexander Reynolds lineup. It's the bike in the upper left corner of the brochure. It's a stripped down no frills bare bones model. Compared to most bikes that will be in this build off. it's just a simple basic bike but I been tripping...
  4. Jrturbo

    Wanted: 1970 Rupp Roadster Bare Frame

    Looking for a 1970 Rupp Roadster bare frame or if you have a junk frame I am in need of the foot peg bar. Thank you.
  5. leathernun666

    Trail Horse GT100

    Ok so I decided not to get into the build off this year because I didn't know what kind of time I would have to devote to this project. And after the last one I was kind of discouraged anyways. so I decided to pump out three in the time that most people get one . Here is what I started with , a...
  6. Jrturbo

    Paint the Sprocket?

    I'm in the process of restoring a Cat 250. I ordered the rear sprocket but its bare metal. Should I paint it? any specific rattle can paint? or different type? Thanks
  7. D

    Cat 400 Frame

    Looking for a cat 400 frame bare frame thanks
  8. C

    22 mikuni bare cable?

    I have a 22 mikuni carb kit that came with just the bare cable , im I supposed to buy a sleeve to put this cable in. I been searching around and I cant find just a sleeve to put the cable in:shrug:
  9. Jamie1972

    CAT 400X bare frame

    CAT 400X bare frame. Good paint. The orig. foot peg mounts are broken off and a bar was welded on.... H. Dave has the Triple tree :anon.sml: $40.00+shipping.
  10. 45t

    Bare Muskin Cat Frame and Forks

    Looking for a "budget friendly" winter project to keep me busy when the snow starts to fly. I have a lot of spare cat parts sitting in boxes that I just need a bare frame and forks to put them on. I'd prefer a 400X Cat size bike or bigger, set up for 6" wheels (no 10" spoke wheel cats). I'd...
  11. hotrodricky

    Lil Indian bare frame wanted

    Looking for a Lil Indian bare frame wo forks
  12. O

    Trailhorse Trailblazer Bare Frame

    Trailhorse Trailblazer model bare frame. Includes jackshaft mounts. Sandblasted clean. One foot peg tab broken off, but included. No broken welds. I had it on EBay. Lots of lookers, no takers. I figured I'll give it a shot here before relisting it there. $65 plus Shipping Paypal...
  13. Suicycle_Money_Train


  14. Bare Frame

    Bare Frame

    Bare Frame
  15. markus

    H50 bare shroud no fuel line holes

    Looking for an H50 shroud that does not have any fuel line holes through the sides of it. It for a '70 H50 non electric start. I can weld mine up if needed but if someones got one:shrug: It can be bare, I have all the linkages/tag/pullstart. This lighted big block is for my Bonanza and...
  16. W

    Project: Bare Bones Bonanza

    I purchased this Bonanza MX Mini Bike last week with plans to freshen it up with powdercoat and new parts. Unfortunately, It's missing it's original motor, wheels, tank, fenders, etc...etc.. On my budget, I can't aquire all the parts to restore this Bonanza to it's original condition, but I can...
  17. vintage33

    6.5hp clone box stock BARE head

    have a 6.5hp clone head stock came off my ducar motor bare head bad is that a fin on the head is broken dont know if anybody needs it but ill post a pic up tomarrow also have a stock piston 6.5hp and a cam stock both for $30 shipped and $15 shipped for the head all for $35 shipped dont need the...

    Bare Fox frame for sale $25

    Does NOT come with foot pegs. $25 + shipping. Greyhound will be the best bet, and may only be about $30 No tire kickers. I'm not doing multiple trips to the shipping company to get quotes, etc. Located in Modesto/Ceres CA area 95307

    1969 Taco 22 bare frame

    Stripped, needs one footpeg replaced. Easy fix $175 + shipping
  20. Naked Rupp 2

    Naked Rupp 2

    Another view of the bare frame of my altered Rupp.