1. E

    want to buy NOVA WHEELS

    hey im looking for nova wheels and any other nova parts you might have, thanks!
  2. Sport King Eric

    What did I just buy??

    Just Found this today.. all I know is according to the previous owner it was a bike used in a large factory to move people from one side of the plant to another.. I think its pretty cool in a ugly way! Has a 3 speed belt driven jackshaft and weighs about 200 lbs.. and can stand on its own with...
  3. B

    Sunday September 10th. Long Island VINTAGE Mini bike swap meet. BUY SELL TRADE

    Sunday September 10th. Long Island Mini bike swap meet. BUY SELL TRADE From 9am to 2pm FREE!! 70 Baiting Place Rd. Farmingdale NY 11735 Come on down and check out some Kool Vintage mini bikes and Go karts. Buy, Sell or trade min bik es, go karts and parts.
  4. Mrknobblies

    Should I buy it? Any advice welcome

    Hey guys, extremely new to the forum as well as the world of mini bikes, was actually pleasantly surprised to find there was a whole crazy community out there that loves and knows a bunch about them! I want to getting into a small hobby to keep me occupied and thought this would be a good place...
  5. J

    Should I buy it?

    A guy locally is asking $300 for this. One engine runs, he says its all original
  6. P

    New guy ready to buy mini bike kit

    Hi guys: I just got in to go karts now I want to build an old school mini bike from both old and new parts. I have engine and wheels and other parts already. Need to choose frame. What do you suggest ? I like El lobo more than a Azusa. I know the site is about old mini's but old...
  7. R

    What did I buy?

    Hey guys. First time noobie here. I bought this mini bike since it actually has a suspension, unlike my Doodle Bug which slams you down if you hit the tiniest bump, and I was wondering if anyone knew who made this bike. I've looked all over the bike, but I couldn't find anything that would show...
  8. smudvapor

    Someone go buy this!

    Too far away for me.

    Ok so it looks like I'm going to need to buy a welder

    What economy model would be good for welding a mini chassis? And can I get by with a 110 volt unit or will I be disappointed?
  10. J

    What did I buy?

    Hello all. New here. I would like to know if anyone has any information on what this is? I picked it up off craigslist. I'm told that Previous owner bought it used. He stretched the frame 4" in front of the motor plate, raised the bars 2-3", added a scrub brake and made a new seat. It...
  11. james ackerman

    What is it? Impulse buy!!.

    Bought cause I knew the wheels were bonanza, but confused on the brand of frame.
  12. R

    What Did I Just Buy?

    Picked this up today. Owner says he's had it since 1985 and it was gold when he bought it used. The engine numbers are Model 60102 Type 1300-01 and Code 87052003. If this is a 2003 engine it must be a replacement? Any idea where I can get a kickstand and chain cover? Thanks in advance for The...
  13. R

    What did I just buy ?

    I think it's a Bird
  14. Chief Paul

    New member - 66 yr old looking to buy a CT200

    Hi everyone! I am an older man, 66 yr old, looking to buy a new CT200. I have been reading posts on the forum &was surprised to see how popular mini-bikes are. I was an Engineman in the Navy for 8 yrs. I enjoy working on all types of engines. My wife & I owned & operated a small engine...
  15. FOMOGO

    Where can I buy these???

    A buddy gave me 2 of these and they are metal moving machines. I used up the first one and refuse to use this one until I can find a source for them. I have Googled but no joy. Anybody used these? Have a source for them? They sure do work good. Thanks, Doug
  16. Thad

    Anyone want to buy my kidney so I can get this?

    SnoMoBloScooter - SCOOTER
  17. markus

    Tecumseh H35 1970 tag needed! Will buy, have others to trade etc..

    I need an ID tag for a 1970 H35 that got ruined during paint stripping process trying to remove some really tough paint!! Off a side popper is fine, will buy or I have other tags to trade, 1970 HS40 tag 1967 and 1968 H35, 1969 and 1972 H25 or other parts possibly worth about $35 :shrug: Thanks
  18. V

    want to buy manco wheel sprocket spacers

    wanted manco wheel sprocket spacers need a few of em. 6 bolt pattern.
  19. OND

    Powell Throttle ( Buy It Now ) Ebay

    1970's Powell Challenger Mini Bike Throttle Assembly NOS 4 | eBay