1. B

    Diaphragm or conventional bowl carb?

    What are the benefits of a diaphragm carb? Are the better than a conventional Tecumseh carb. Just wondering:)
  2. M

    1970 Super Bronc needs new carb

    Have a 1970 super bronc and the carb leaks gas into the air filter... Carb is unique and cant find a replacement. Want to ride the bike!!!
  3. lostinbaja

    Need a little advice on my HS50 carb.

    I'm in the process of cleaning up and painting a HS50 for my JC Penneys/Bird Mini. The question I have is can I plug the nipple for the primer? Will the bike start and run OK without the primer?
  4. Sprocket86

    Tec carb bowl vent help!

    If I delete and cap off the primer bulb nipple on the carb body, will I have to enlarge the tiny vent hole that's drilled in the side of the carbs main body? What symptoms would this cause if I were to leave the tiny vent hole unaltered if the primer line nipple was capped off? I...
  5. Sprocket86

    1972 Tec H35 carb options.

    Unfortunately the original carb on my 1972 DMP Scamper with the TEC H35 engine is shot. Someone over tightened the LS needle and broke off the metering tip of the needle in the carb body :censure: I hear no check ball rattle when I shake the carb body and the throttle shaft has a good amount...
  6. Mikuni round slide vm22-133 bowl

    Mikuni round slide vm22-133 bowl

    Genuine vm22-133 float bowl
  7. Chikuni vm22

    Chikuni vm22

    Photos are of a fake, copy chikuni vm22
  8. Mikuni round slide vm22-133 main jets

    Mikuni round slide vm22-133 main jets

    Genuine mikuni vm22-133 round main jet and replacement genuine mikuni hex main jet
  9. Mikuni round slide vm22-133

    Mikuni round slide vm22-133

    Vm22-133 round main jet with o ring
  10. Mikuni round slide vm22-133

    Mikuni round slide vm22-133

    Genuine vm22-133
  11. L

    What is this? What is the carb? whaatt

    found this off craigslist for $120... the kid was 14 years old and said it needs a new carb, but upon looking at it closer it has a tillotson carb on it and seems like he installed it upside down, but I have no experience with these carbs, im not sure if this one is worth anything, the front...
  12. markus

    HS50 Tecumseh slanted carb intake

    $85 shipped, ONLY fits the HS50 engine, it is an NOS take-off part that has been polished.
  13. Davis

    Mikuni 22mm vs arc .625 carb

    I have a mild built predator hemi and it seems the stock carb can't flow enuf to get it to its full potential.
  14. CLH

    Question about crankcase breather setups

    Hi, For my Cast iron HH70 build I had to purchase a new air cleaner assembly, I decided to go with a kit I found on Ebay shown in the picture below. It has a cast iron elbow and paper element that some of the cast iron industrial "X/L series" Tecumsehs' came with. This means that the crankcase...
  15. Sprocket86

    OHH60 carb swap

    Has anyone swapped out the primer bulb, non adjustable OEM carb that comes on the Tec overhead powersports with an older dual adjustable needle Tec carb?
  16. Richard W.

    briggs intek carb

    looking for a new carb for a 6.5 intek engine.these # are on the blower housing 4bsxs.2051 hf. 275821.Are these what i need to id this engine?
  17. bikebudy

    Lauson / Tecumseh Slant Carb ?

    Hello, So I'm working on this 1971 , 4hp Tecumseh in a Trail Flite. Been sitting for 25 Years, So I get a New carb kit. Replaced everything even though all it really needed was a new diaphragm. The Dam thing floods the intake & carb, New needle, Seat and seal. Had this carb off...
  18. UnorthodoxCreat

    Can I change this carb fitting?

    Anyone know if it is possible to change a fitting like pictured below? I fitting that went up at a 90 degree angle would fit much better on my bike but I don't know if it's possible to change out and if so where can I get the fitting I want?
  19. t-royMN

    Clinton carb question

    I have a model N carb on Clinton engine that I am trying to get going. When I pulled the bowl off of the carb, there was a strange metal piece in the bowl that I am not familiar with from doing Tecumseh and Briggs engines/carbs. It is round, and has a square cutout (it is nearly the...
  20. K

    Mikuni carb question

    Do the 22mm Mikuni carbs require you to use a pulse pump?