1. 5horsebriggs

    Kz750 carbs?

    Any one know hiw many mm carb they are or does any body have any?
  2. S

    Rotary carbs?

    Has anyone used a carb made by rotary? I found ths one, but wanted to get some feedback from y'all.CARBURETOR FOR TECUMSEH 640025 OHH55 OHH60 OHH65:Amazon:Patio, Lawn & Garden
  3. Clayon

    Where can you get Raptor Carbs?

    I was just on Riekens Racing and saw that you can no longer get stock Briggs Raptor carbs. Anybody know where you can get them? or can't you? and what do they cost? :shrug: Thanks, Clayton
  4. T

    4hp and 5hp carbs?

    Are the 4hp and 5hp carburetors for the flathead Briggs engines the same?
  5. Rapidrob

    Who has the best after market Carbs?

    I was given a new 2004 CHICOM 20" ballon tire'd 5.5 HP Pep Boys mini-bike. This is one of the FAT BOY type bikes. The engine will not run unless the choke is partially left on. Since the choke is held in position by friction on the plastic air cleaned slot, it vibrates to full open or fully on...
  6. F

    Tecumseh carbs? Are they supposed to "pee"

    Hi guys, i'm new to this forum and mini bikes in general. I race Volvo's. Anyway, I bought a Dirt Bug a while ago for a pit bike. Did everything I could to make it faster. Got a killer deal on a what I was told 7hp Tecumseh. Now, all the id numbers are off, but these two.... 143-666352 and...
  7. Ibanez616

    Mods For Briggs Carbs?

    I have a pull choke pulsa-jet. What are common(if any) modifications to these carbs to make them flow better?
  8. prime mover

    new carbs?

    I have a 6.5 clone and a 5.5 that both need a carb repair/rebuild/replace, would it be cost effective to just replace with new stock ones, rebuild them or upgrade to aftermarket HP ones? I wouldnt mind getting something better and adding some power to the 6.5 and im going to run a header/muffler...