1. Not so mini bike

    Ruttman chopper?

    Kinda looks like a ruttman chopper. Vintage Old School Chopper Minibike | eBay
  2. R

    CraigsList Chopper?

    Looks nice... No idea what it is though........ He is asking $375
  3. D


    Found on Craigslist.
  4. M

    2007 Chopper?

    Any idea who made this? Thanks in advance!
  5. D

    is this a lil Indian chopper?

    :confused:Hey guys I'm New on here I bought this bike is it a lil Indian and is it rare I'm looking for pictures and parts to restore it
  6. thejoker

    bonanza chopper?

    Bonanza Chopper Minibike Mini Bike Vintage | eBay Thans in advance
  7. M

    What mini bike chopper?

    What chopper is this?
  8. 7

    What kind of chopper?

    found on local CL , i know its not :chinese: !!! Manco delta 1 maybe. got it with the HS40, the frame has some holes drilled into it and some genus tried to notch out the frame by the carb but luckily i can weld. it will need a lot of love thats for sure!! the B&S on it looks like junk, so i...
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  12. W

    What do you guys think of my chopper?

    It is not custom but I plan to customize it. First thing would be some ape hangers and I want to put a sissy bar on the back so I can sit back and enjoy the ride.
  13. trailhopper

    Powerdyne Chopper? $50

    Wasn't Powerdyne in R.I.? vintage mini bike
  14. gizzy

    What did I get?

    This is my first post here,my names Bill.I'm into old cars,lawnmowers,& mini's. I bought this from my neighbor yesterday for $75.I'm thinking maybe it's a Trail Horse.My plan is to get it running with one of the 2 engines that came with it, un-chopperize it back to original.What is it & how did...
  15. wellohhhkthen

    Bonanza Chopper?

    Bonanza chopper project in Hartford city Indiana. Price 500 I don't know if it has the correct motor. 765-717-0385
  16. murrayeliminator

    What should i offer of this Bonanza Chopper?

    Local sale. the guy's is asking way to much i think for what it is $'s missing the correct tank and fender and prob the guard..I'm thinking more around the $200-$300 range in this condition. What would you guy's offer for this? before i insult this guy with an offer..and are those...
  17. B

    What make/model is this 110cc mini chopper?

    all i know about it is that it is a 3 speed 110cc mini chopper.
  18. ann0yed

    Is this a Bonanza chopper?

    Hi, I have a two-week-old obsession with mini bikes... I just picked this up for too much money; I found a guy selling a "Bonanza chopper" on Craigslist, borrowed a van, drove far and picked up a very depressing pile of beat-up parts today. When I carried the stuff up to my apartment I was...
  19. M

    what kind of tire/wheel should we buy for our custom chopper?

    My friend and i are building a mini chopper and got a good half of the frame done. We want a wider chopper tire, but not huge. What about one of the ATV wheels at tractor supply?? we could always weld a sprocket on. HELPPPPPP???