1. O

    Tecumseh Air Cleaner Housing Lot

    Tecumseh Air Cleaner Housing Lot. The lot contains four housings and four brackets. No screws, gaskets or filters. All parts are untested and being sold AS IS. $55.00 Price INCLUDES shipping and handling. Shipping to the USA ONLY. PayPal “Friends and Family” option ONLY. USPS...
  2. T

    HS 40 after market air cleaner

    I would like to put an pod type filter on my Tecumseh Hs40 Is this possible with an adapter of sorts?
  3. totegotes

    Wanted: Tecumseh H60 intake tube and air cleaner

    Hi all, I'm trying to find the following set up for an older Tecumseh H60. If anyone has anything please let me know.
  4. mini one

    Tecumseh Air Cleaner Bundle

    All you see here 50.00 picked up or 70.00 shipped
  5. CarPlayLB

    kit to put Briggs air cleaner on Tec/Tilly carb

    Here are some pieces I will never get around to using. These parts will allow the use of an old style Briggs filter on a Tec or Tillotson carb set up! Fool your Briggs friends with this one! The polished center piece allows you to hook up to your breather! Looking for $35.00 shipped, or add the...
  6. P

    Need help, Speedway Black Shadow air cleaner

    I am restoring my 1971 Speedway Black Shadow. The only other 1971 Black Shadow that I know of is the Minibike magazine test bike, so I do not have any other references. The problem I am having is locating the original type air cleaner. Any help on what air cleaner was used on this bike or...
  7. Peekster

    Briggs carb and air cleaner

    Nice rebuilt Briggs carb with throttle linkage. Comes with air filter housing. (no center bolt or filter) $45 plus shipping
  8. derekbmn

    **~Original White Paint Tecumseh Air Cleaner Housing Mounting Plate~**

    As the title says....Looking for a good condition Original White Paint Tecumseh Air Cleaner Housing Mounting Plate For an H25,30,35. (No Offset). Will take a whole air cleaner housing assembly if need be. Please PM me.....Thanks in advance :thumbsup:
  9. delray

    tecumseh air cleaner

    hey guys, just thought i would give you heads up on tecumseh air cleaner replacements at menards. thats if you have one in your area. today i had to stop for couple things and i happen to go by the lawnmower section and notice the air cleaners for the tecumseh's where on sale for $1.99 pickup...
  10. Belbuekus

    WTB Spark Plug Cleaner

    I'm looking for an old AC or other brand spark plug cleaner machine. Condition is not that important but must be salvageable with most if not all parts present. Looking for something similar to the ones in the pics. Please PM me or e-me at <<****>> Thanks for looking.
  11. RideSF

    WTB Bonanza Hodaka air cleaner set or parts

    I'm looking for the air cleaner mounting bracket for bonanza hodaka ace100 thanks OldMiniBikes
  12. S

    tecumseh 5hp air cleaner housing complete

    anyone have a complete air filter assembly for a HS50. send a pm :) hope someone can help! I am In Toronto
  13. P

    Hs50 show chromed shroud and iar cleaner

    like title says, show chromed shroud recoil and air cleaner, decided to paint motor white and chrome just doesn't look good ( I don't think anyway) having trouble posting pics, but can email 300 shipped for both, that's exactly what I have in them with shipping etc[/I][/B]
  14. CarPlayLB

    Old (vintage!) Tecumseh louvered air cleaner

    This louvered air cleaner is in fantastic condition for it's me! There are no dents and the louvers are in superb condition. This fine example of Lauson/Tecumseh brilliance can be yours for $49.93 shipped (lower 48 only) only one at this price. No taxes or destination fees apply
  15. slywilliez

    WTB west bend Air cleaner like this ONE!!!!

    I am looking for a west bend air cleaner like the one posted for a Arctic Cat screamer project. I have found out that Gem made some air cleaners just like this one but the end cap was just blank. I need up to five of this filters and end caps. I have the bases and the two hold downs. Thanks...
  16. CarPlayLB

    West Bend early 60's air cleaner in dazzling chrome!

    Here is a chromed out gem of an early 60's West Bend air cleaner. I had this patiently chrome plated to the brilliant luster my bad photos cannot possibly capture! This has the inner screen that is not plated, the original bolts, and I will toss in a new gasket. Boys and girls, the shiny ain't...
  17. markus

    Tecumseh Oval air cleaner assemblies

    I have 2 Oval air cleaner housings left. they are both the same mount position (tall/skinny) but the intake vents styles vary. Your choice $20 each shipped. These of course fit standard Tecumseh/lauson carbs, but also small 2 bolt tilly, old walbro/clinton LM etc..
  18. HolyFrijole

    4" Straight Air Filter Cleaner, K&N Style

    4" Straight Air Filter Cleaner, K&N Style with Tecumseh adaptor but you can adapt it to other engines. Hole in adaptor is 1 1/2" center, mounting holes 1 7/8" on center. I adapted one of these to my 79cc engine making a plate to go behind the Tecumseh adapter. $25.00 free shipping to any 48...
  19. J

    Correct air cleaner design for Rupp H50

    Hello, anyone know which type of air cleaner cover was used on the 1969 Rupp H50? Thanks, Joe