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    Cleaning GX160 engine
  2. Mrknobblies

    Noob Carb cleaning and building

    Hi everyone im extremely new to the world of mini bikes as Well as to mechanics but I wanted to better my skill set and learn more about mechanics and how everything works and figured building up a mini would be a challenging and rewarding learning experience. I purchased a used mini Baja (not...
  3. Phil1958

    Spring Cleaning

    i have here four things in my garage that need new homes. everything works, you have have my word on that. i can ship or bring to winber to save on shipping costs. item 1: small stick welder. i have had this thing for years, lightly used and comes with whatever sticks i have laying around...
  4. Some Can"Eh"dian

    Gas tank Cleaning

    So on my '73 Scamper I started to clean my 3HP Tecumseh up to get it ready for paint and there is this film like stuff inside the tank from the old gas. Anyone know any good ways to get rid of it? (Note: it is a plastic tank)
  5. fhpe77

    H35 inspection and cleaning

    The guy that sold me the mini bike stated that the engine was a replacement and had low hours. The label on the engine agrees with the first part as the DOM indicates the year 2000. It already runs pretty good with the new adjustable carb but I like to clean out the carbon and check the...
  6. thejoker

    Tire cleaning

    Ok so I have a set of 3.00x10 rupp trial tires. I am going to put them up on ebay. but, before I do I would like to clean and shine them up as much as possible. What are you guys using?
  7. minibikegi

    Carburetor cleaning

    I rebuild and do a lot of carburetors in my every job, I know most of what we use can be purchased very cheap on-line brand new. But if trying to save the carb at hand, all gummed-up or kleen looking but not working, #1 thing I use is power tune from mercury marine or Engine tuner from Evinrude...

    Gas tank cleaning and wheels

    I hope I have this in the right place. I have been reading and learning a lot of good information on this site. I recently saw someone comment in a post about cleaning a steel tank with apple cider vinegar. I have a plastic tank that has old gas residue after sitting for 2 years. Will the apple...
  9. 6.5hp Shinebox

    22mm mikuni carb cleaning

    What method do you guys use to clean out your carbs? Let mine sit over winter and won't start without starter fluid
  10. topnotch

    It's time cleaning out the garage and the storage

    As for the new year I have a new years resolution, I have decided to sale 90% of all my minibikes starting sometime this month. I'm not sure for how much are which category that I'm start with first, parts, unrestored, restored, custom, or my precious survivors. I will keep you guys posted...

    Here are some items after cleaning.

    Azusa seat. Small and in great condition see pics. 35.00 and 18.00 to ship Tecumseh White Gas tank for a HS40 35.00 and 15.00 to ship Foot Pegs. Not sure from what but I remember paying a lot. 35.00 and 10.00 to ship Briggs vintage 5HP carb assemble with tank and air box...
  12. jeep4me

    Cleaning House Sale

    Decided to clean house. Selling off 8 minibikes in one fatal swoop. 1- Hound Dog minibike 2- Mystery minibike 3- JC Penny Cat duster 4- Powell Challenger 5- Floater(C-frame model) 6-Tote Gote Mini-Gote 7-West Bend Scrambler 8-Heathkit Boonie Selling as a group only. Gotta buy...
  13. Harleys Papa

    Spring Cleaning

    I started some spring cleaning today :thumbsup: I had to move the Speedway and the Murray out so I took them for a blast around the yard :thumbsup: and I realized that I am too old, too fat and too tall for these short bars :doah: The ape hangers are goin back on the Speedway and I'm getting a...
  14. JohnnyTillotson

    Early 70's minibike Tecumseh

    Picked this lil fugly beauty this morning. Cleaning up nice. Cool Taylor spark arrestor, good compression. Cleaning points n magnets to see if she'll spark up. Hoping the carb can be rescued too. Was white and someone painted black over it. Cool looking green color near where frame was...
  15. David wulf

    My HS 50 build up

    This HS50 is off my Powell and needs some help . I already have a ARC rod for it and thinking about a cam from Tim Isky. How big can these motors be bored ? There is nothing wrong with mine now and doesn't have too many hours on it , but bigger is better . I plan on cleaning up the ports a...
  16. JAGGUY

    New from So California

    Thought I should introduce myself before I try to take advantage of the knowledge base here. Neighbor was cleaning out his shed and asked if I wanted his sons old minibike. I restore most anything from cars to boats to tools and anything else that suits my fancy so I couldn't refuse! I...
  17. Biodude

    Cleaning up a 1969 Rupp Roadster

    I bought this Roadster locally from a guy that received it along with some other items at an estate sale. Apparently he argued with the seller he got it from that he didn't want this thing but they said that if he didn't take it he could not purchase the other items and the deal was off. So he...
  18. R

    h35 carb cleaning

    Ok i just bought a manco tbird with a H35 motor it sat out side about a year, so i drained the gas tank put fresh gas in and tried startn it bout 10 times and nothing so i pulled the carb off. When i took the bowl off there was not a drop of fuel in the bowl just rust and corrosion. What is...
  19. Not so mini bike

    Cleaning motors.

    I just got a motor from a member and it is in need of a serious over haul. Needs to be tore down cleaned and rebuilt. My question is what is the best way to clean the outside of the motor. I want to spray it a different color when it's done. Do I need to do anything special to do that?
  20. S

    cleaning the honda

    So I got a Honda GX 140 off of craigslist and the guy said it didn't run (so I got it for cheep) so I sprayed some starting fluid in it and it ran but when I tried to get it to run on gas nothing happens. I will only run on starting fluid. what do you think I should do? another question...