1. Just for show

    Just for show

    As you can see in this picture, I've added a few spikes to the shroud just for cosmetic purposes. I found an old spike bracelet from my "misspent youth" days and decided to incorporate them into the motor. Just my style.
  2. Carb Mounted

    Carb Mounted

    Finally, the carb is on the motor. It's a cheapy Chi-kuni, but it is what it is... cheap. In the top right corner, you can see the start of my fuel pump mount.
  3. rpm

    Nash Built Stroker Clone

    6.5 Clone: ARC Stroker crank ARC rod Flat top piston Aluminum flywheel Head work: ported and oversize valves Tillotson carb Includes Uni air filter and exhaust pipe Just freshened up $625
  4. B

    Clone roller rockers ???

    I know I can buy them for $175-$200, but has any one had luck finding new or used automotive roller rockers that can be made to work , with a little modifying if any. .??... Thanks .
  5. james c

    honda clone kick starters available

    Kick starter for harbor freight motors available get in touch with wayne mahffey 256 353 5552
  6. Itype2slo

    Clone choke

    Please tell me how this clip attaches so my choke lever don't fly off in the breeze. Thanks
  7. Paticus

    Tuning my factory 6.5 Clone

    Its been while since I tuned a carburetor, but I think my HF 6.5 is running a little lean. It takes about 15-20 minutes of ride time before it will idle which the choke engaged and the motor just seems to lag a bit. Can somebody give me a quick 101 on how to tune the factory carb on these...
  8. M

    Clone 6.5HP Brand new with tight throttle

    So I bought a 168f 196cc honda clone motor from a Canadian store,Princess Auto, I just ordered the pmr stage 1 kit from hot rod mini bikes, as I'm impatient I pulled the motor out to look, and the throttle lever is super tight, I have to assume, that it is set up this way depending on the...
  9. Itype2slo

    Clone header for a rupp

    Does anyone know if any of the pipes in the OldMiniBikes warehouse would fit on a 71 Rupp I know some guys made theirs I was wondering if anyone knows of an off the shelf one that fits. l. Thanks.
  10. K

    open clone valve size and additional parts

    I just got a clone to tun in the open class on my kart it ran pretty good against the two strokes on the small track but they still beat me so I need a little more power. its a blue clone std bore and stroke + .020 rod flat top piston raceseng s1 flywheel 14cc head ported with stock valves it...
  11. 5horsebriggs

    Clone 110 in xr80

    Would a clone 110, 125 bolt up to an xr80 frame? Bought a 110 from TRK some time Back and need something to put it in
  12. B

    Hotrod 196 clone parts

    Im looking for any kind of hotrod clone parts cams big valveheads carbs let me knowwhat you have!!!!!
  13. B

    Cam for a clone

    Need a cam for a honda clone 275 or a 308 what you got?
  14. D

    New drag bike

    What should i do on my clone for a drag bike? Its a 6.5 hp and i put on a header and briggs bullet style muffler, air filter and removed governer. So what else should i do?
  15. D

    6.5 clone diy clutch cover help!

    Hey guys, i need some help with making a custom clutch cover for my 6.5 hp clone. I have all the tools needed just no ideas, any help with ideas or pics would be really appreciated! Thanks:shrug:
  16. G

    Mild open clone help

    I am running a yellow clone with billet .020 over rod flat top piston, raceseng s2 finless flywheel, black mamba cam, clone head that's been milled .040 with 28/25 as valves, raceseng 1.3 roller rockers, 26lb springs, stock crank, filly 304wx dominator on alky with 32 degrees timing and loop...
  17. Newoldstock

    Timing a clone sort of

    I did not really set out to show you how to time a clone today, but I was playing with my new 10 dollar Chinese timing light and wanted to see how well it worked. Here's a quick low res ( I have a very old camera ) video of light on my snow blower. I am just flashing the pulley, but you can...
  18. H

    Longer carb stud. Honda Clone

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and I have been poking around and learning a lot from the forum. Great site. I have a honda clone 212cc. I bought the air filter upgrade and I am wondering where everyone is getting the longer stud at and the length/thread? Any help would be appreciated.
  19. philbo

    6.5hp clone engine vibration at certain RPM? Help!!!

    Hi guys! Thanks in advance for any helpful ideas! When I rode the Baja around I noticed a really bad vibration at a certain rpm. I'm guessing I'm doing about 15-20mph? That's a guesstimate. I took off the jack shaft chain to isolate the problem from the suspension And chains (in...
  20. Marlinmate

    Clone Carburetor

    Has Stock Jet in it $20.00 plus shipping