1. CarPlayLB

    Super Doubly Rare Sebac clone shocks

    This is a set of super rare, doubly special, Sebac look alike shocks. These are in great shape and have been semi-professionally refurbished to near new! The chrome is in decent shape. I cannot make out the stylized name, but it appears to be Lispe? they are made in Italy too! don't miss your...
  2. owend

    Honda or clone

    I could use a Honda or clone throttle linkage (arm) that has the cable stay attached to the arm. Hopefully one of you guys or gals has upgraded your carb and no longer needs this part and can help me out. Thanks, Owen
  3. outcrydrummer

    Predator 212 / yellow clone parts interchangability???

    I got a yellow clone on a kart i bought. It has a header, intake adapter, and im guessing either a swapped carb or stock rejetted. It had quite a lot of metal in the oil, still runs, but i was really wondering if i can just buy another predator and swap the yellow clone parts over? The other...
  4. trinik7597

    clone tins

    Got a good motor but it doesn't look good ?? Nice set of painted clone tins $45 shipped

    Looking for an unwanted stock clone flywheel

    I want to make a video and try to dispel or prove the flywheel myths, kinda mythbusters style. If someone has one they can send me, I'll gladly give honorable mention in the video. Thanks. Joe
  6. Raskin

    Coleman ct200u gx200 clone recurring gasket leak

    Greetings..I am having issue with my gearcase cover leaking from gasket on gx200 clone..I just replaced it a few weeks ago for same issue..I checked pcv breather is clear and hose OK..should I use this sealer along with new gasket? If i use this will it be a real pain to remove it if i got to go...
  7. M

    What is this clone mini bike?

    got it for 50 bucks and figured I could wire brush the chrome and paint it and get a brake hub and new carb and stuff... basic basic stuff... only thing is.. idk don't know what to look up.... what is this thing?
  8. cudaman

    Baja Warrior lighting coil on blue clone engine.

    I just picked up an old Baja warrior with a tired motor for my daughter. We just got a warrior promod jackshaft kit, header, cone filter, etc. We have a new spare blue clone motor and we are planning to drop it in the warrior. My question is (have not taken the warrior apart yet) will the...
  9. Doodads

    Stock Clone Rod

    Looking for a stock clone rod to replace a knocker that's aimed for a tiller. Hoping someone has a takeoff laying around from a build? Please PM me with info! Can paypal as a gift or M.O. Thanks in advance.... :thumbsup::biggrin:
  10. Joe-405

    420cc clone flatlined at 5750 rpm ?

    What makes a clone flatline at 5750 every time. I have cam and supporting valve springs. With a 32mm carb and header. Is it the stock timing by chance ? It doesn't have the limiting coil.
  11. OND

    TACO Frijole ( Clone )

    I've decided to sell my scratch built Frijole rolling chassis with all controls, levers, wheels, tires, jack shaft and even the TACO clutch cover and the seat was made by the manchester1 Karen. All I'm keeping is the little Briggs engine and clutch. I will ship on your dime. This is a clone of...
  12. 125ccCrazy

    anyone have any issues with the Comet 40 series clone clutches?

    just curious as how well the work and hold up to a big block...
  13. FOMOGO

    PVL flywheel on a 196 Ducar clone

    I have a PVL flywheel to install on a Ducar 196. Should I lap it to the crank or can I just install it and be good. Engine specs are, no governor, stock cam, weenie pipe with muffler, open air filter and carb jetted. Going on a Barstool so not much chance of sustained full throttle. Do I need to...
  14. BBQJOE

    Holley 4 bbl carb on 6.5 clone.

    But, would it work? :biggrin:
  15. FOMOGO

    Clone mods question

    I bought a supposed brand new "race" clone (no governor) at the swap meet a couple of weeks ago. It had a weenie pipe and muffler, an air filter and adapter and a top plate. I gave $90.00 for it. Thinking it was worth that in parts alone. I got it home and pulled the side cover. It had what...
  16. L

    throttle linkage/clone top plate gx390 carb on 6.5hp clone

    Hey guys I have a finished mild build motor however I do not have a throttle linkage. I was looking around at either getting a clone top plate or a throttle linkage kit off ebay. However I am running a gx390 carb on a 6.5hp lifan model 168f-2e. The block is 9004 6036. I have been looking around...
  17. LTP1996

    212cc carb on a 196cc clone?

    so i have neglected my poor old mini bike and it has sat outside in the weather, i have cleaned out the carb, i can get it to run on starting fluid but as soon as the starting fluid burns off it shuts off. all the fuel lines are clear, i have tried adjusting the carb but broke off one of the...
  18. gumpit

    Wanted: stock clone air filter like pictured

    I need 2 air filters like the one on this engine. Ones that go down instead of up. So check those parts bins... New 6 5 HP Engine Go Cart Tiller Log Splitter 6 5HP Gas Motor Mini Bike Recoil | eBay
  19. M

    honda clone 6.5 crank

    My Baja MB200 Mini bike is a nightmare. I've had it for 3-4 months, and I've broken the brake drum, both chain tensioners, handlebars, chain, headlight, footpegs, kickstand spring, and now the crankshaft(?), twice. The crank/drive shaft snapped off while riding, so I drilled and tapped it and...
  20. Brad Nelson

    Can you tell me what clone?

    I have an old Rupp may be an Enduro I would like to find a clone engine. Can you tell me where to look? Thanks Brad