1. Timmahhhhh

    My Simplex Challenger

    A few years ago, I saw this on craigslist near my residence. It was offered with a 5 hp Briggs flattie as part of the deal. It was also cheap...... When I got it home I discovered that it was an old Simplex Challenger race kart from about 1961-64. The rear of the frame has been changed, but...
  2. L

    gx390 carb on 6.5hp clone

    Has anyone installed a gx390 carb onto a 6.5hp clone or predator motor? What were your engine builds and general rpm ranges? I have a mild built clone I'm thinking about putting a gx390 carb onto and was curious to see what others have noticed. My build will generally be in the 5000-7500 rpm...
  3. xBrent92

    new honda clone out now even cheaper than before

    Powerland PD420E 16HP Gas Engine Electric Start Horizontal Shaft | eBay cheaper and with electric start
  4. oldsledz

    Mikuni carb on a clone

    I am putting a mikuni on a old style HF clone motor one of the blue engines, do I use the plastic spacer that held the spark plug wire? It looks like I need to with the NR racing kit I got, should I enlarge the intake hole to match the carb? Thanks
  5. L

    Mikuni intake with pulse fitting for clone gx200

    35$ shipped image post
  6. B

    27mm/25mm Clone Head

    I have a 22cc clone head that has been ported and polished for 27mm intake and 25mm exhaust. Comes with stainless valves, retainers and keepers, and your choice of springs (22,26,37). Casting is a 5 bolt valve cover but the cover is included. Head flows 73 CFM at 28". Any questions or want more...
  7. bikebudy

    Clone Throttle Swivel with Screw , Best place to buy ?

    DB30, 6.5 and 11HP Clone's Where is the best place to buy the Throttle Swivel with Screw ? I now have a 11HP and a 6.5 that don't have one and I need them. Thanks to those that reply :thumbsup:
  8. B

    Honda clone (196/208) running rich?

    Hey guys first post here! Bought a mini bike second hand off a guy. Has a Powerfist motor on it, unsure if it's a 196/208. They're basically the same from what i read anyways. I proceeded to straight pipe (1") it and externally remove governor (yes yes i know remove it internally, I will very...
  9. J

    Rookie seeking help with clone engine

    I just picked up an engine that says baja 196cc. I'm wondering what exactly I have. I keep seeing different color clones and what not. I'm wanting to start racing and it seemed like a good deal on the engine (free). So I'm also wanting some suggestions to carb, cam, rod, flywheel, valve spring...
  10. bikebudy

    340 Clone 11HP Question?

    Got this 340 / 11HP Clone the other day. It has Elec / Start and lighting If you try to start it will not but, if you add the light coil to the Ing coil , it fires up ? Remove the light coil from the Ing while running, it stays running but, if you shut it off same thing. Also, there...
  11. olddog

    White Painted Clone?

    Folks, I love the look of the white engine, was thinking about painting my clone white. I searched on this forum and also took a look at google without luck. Has anybody done this? I'd love to see how it looks. Thanks.
  12. Timmahhhhh

    BSP Clone Engines For Fun Kart

    I noticed that purchasing a BSP Clone engine complete with flywheel is cheaper than building a 212 Predator Hemi with comparable parts. Apparently it also does not need assembled except for installing the flywheel.... Anyone out there with an opinion on these engines? I'm just interested in...
  13. David wulf

    14cc clone head porting

    Today I finished porting a 14cc clone head for I friend of mine . Here are some pics
  14. george196

    Power Fist 420cc 15HP Clone

    What Performance parts will fit a Power Fist 420cc 15hp clone from Princess Auto?
  15. packergene

    My savage clone

    Hello all, today's progress on my savage clone. Thanks to OND
  16. G

    LCT engine. honda clone???

    Hello, I have a 136cc LCT engine. Is this engine a Honda clone? Thanks!!
  17. johnatthebox

    Clone head? a little casting number help please.....

    Picked up a motor and am trying to I D it... Its red (Honda?) and the head has JT- 04 - 06 - 16 stamped on it. Im guessing gx 160 clone (duh) but what else can i find out about it with these numbers? There are no other numbers or stickers visable on it
  18. Old_iron

    Custom chopper with clone

    This comes with a nice steel rear fender that I didn't get a picture of. I don't know if the engine runs, it does turn over with compression. It is 196cc with a 3/4" shaft. Brake seems to work well. $200 Shipping UPS - You can check rates from Spokane WA. I can weigh it if you need...
  19. flpmurphy

    clone lighted flywheel

    Came from none running engine of a baja so its not been tested. Free for whoever needs this just pay the Usps medium flat rate shipping.
  20. J

    big valve clone head 28.5/25

    Clone head 28.5/25 Milled 65k Ported Ss valves Dual springs Billet retainers Billet rockers and guide plate 250$ Head was on a drag motor that went 9.80 Turned 10,200