1. FunWithStuff

    How to Chrome?

    Hello. I have some fenders and handlebars on my mini bike that I am wanting to re-chrome. Does anyone have any advice on how to do this? I'm new to chroming things so I would like some advice going forward. From scant research that I have done it turns out chroming may be a little pricey and if...
  2. 69 Rupp Banchi project

    69 Rupp Banchi project

    engine in progress
  3. C

    1968 Lil Indian Engine Color

    I'm looking for info on the original briggs engine colors for 1968 Lil Indian models. I believe 2.25hp may have been a different color than the 3hp engines.
  4. Harquebus

    What's This Thing Worth? - Heathkit Deluxe Color TV unbuilt

    I am trying to help liquidate an unbuilt Heathkit Deluxe Solid-State Color TV. It has the big heavy CRT, the 'bezel' or trim plate for it and a suitable wood cabinet to place it in as a bonus extra (I think it used to be a Sylvania) along with all the rest of the virgin internals, circuit...
  5. S

    Boonie-Bike Frame Color

    Does anyone know of a close match to the original color on the Boonie-Bike frame? I've seen several that are close but not close enough. I still have enough color on it to possibly get a paint match but if I can find something pretty close that will work for me.
  6. M

    Touch up paint color coleman?

    Hey everyone! I just got my Coleman CT200U on thursday! I love it! The front fork got a little scuffed up during shipping and is missing some paint. I was wondering what is the best red to match the coleman's paint? I googled "coleman red" but I mainly saw a wide range of vintage red colors...
  7. S

    speeday shrike? original color

    I was wondering if anybody out there knows what this original metallic green color is. I would like to paint it the original color. Must note: the blue color is prior to removing all the paint to reveal the green.
  8. Zooming993

    Does A Non OEM Frame Color Reduce Resale Value?

    I recently posted a thread in the Strictly US Vintage forum of my 1967 Taco 22. I haven't painted it yet mainly because I'm not sure what color to paint it. I am considering painting it the correct color but purple has never been my favorite color. My question has to do with resale value. If...
  9. maknwar

    Help with color scheme

    I am having a hard time finding a cool looking color scheme for my doodlebug. I've thought about just about every color but without seeing it I can't decide. Can anyone post some cool pics to help me decide?
  10. bikebudy

    TEC engine paint color

    Hello, I have a Mini Bike correct, 3.5 TEC from 1971 MTD Now its a true engine from a MTD, so the engine was Silver OG. I'm going to repaint this engine and its not going back into a MTD. So, my Question is, Do I paint it Silver again? OR should I paint it Black OR White ...
  11. R

    BONANZA correct Powder coat color

    Hi getting ready to get several Bonanza mini bikes powder coated.I do not want to have these painted. Does anyone have the correct ( Prismatic) powder coat color for this match. Thanks Robertt8883
  12. B

    What do you guys think??? Need opinion on color:)

    The Arco is coming along well but now I'm stuck! And Need some help:) what do you guys think about white for the fenders? Is it to much? I would like chrome but really not an option, or I can do them red like the frame or silver like the bars and fender bracket. 5hp Tecumseh will also be...
  13. P

    Rupp Sprint paint color......

    Hi All, I have a Rupp Sprint (1969/1970) that is undergoing a MILD restoration. The previous owner, gave it a quick spray of a very nice metallic green. Nice as it is, it's NOT Rupp medium metallic which is quite a bit darker and not as sparkly. I'd like to strip the paint and start over...
  14. R

    1969 Roadster color

    Can anyone tell me what the official green color of a 1969 roadster would be? I'll be getting my frame back form the sandblaster soon and want to get as close to the original color as possible when it comes time to spray it. I've seen a number of pictures on the web, but they all seem to be...
  15. RCGuy

    Second Annual Lowell MI. Fall Color Tour Oct. 23rd

    It's that time again! The leaves are turning and the midwest is ablaze with color. Time for a nice relaxing day of back roads, historic covered bridge and terrorizing the local high school. Meeting up at 12:30 pm, Lowell Middle School parking lot on Foreman Rd. Last year was a blast, we have...
  16. W

    Sperry-Rand color code.

    Hi guys, Im looking for the color code for the Sperry-Rand tricart. Friend of mine Harry Cooper raced USAC back in the day and they were one of his sponsors and his Charger was painted that color yellow. Thanks for any help I can get for a model project I'm doing. sorry, don't know how you post...
  17. J

    Rupp model question - color?

    What model Rupps and approximately what year were originally a Mopar lime green. Frame looks like a Banchi but supposedly they were only yellow? Can't find any pics of it. Where would the model\id number be and how to decode? Recently picked up a roller frame cheap.
  18. oldsledz

    Briggs copper color

    Is there a good color match for the briggs copper color in a spray can?
  19. B

    X350 Slingshot color

    Hello, Can anyone tell me if the Cat X350 Slingshot came in a blue color. And if so do you know the name of the paint or paint code? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks. Greg
  20. Melman109

    Briggs color on 67 taco???

    Does anyone know what color engine is correct for the 3hp Briggs that came on the 67 taco 22? I've seen some restored in white, gold and also silver. Any help would be appreciated