1. R

    Cat 250x reproduction clutch cover decals??

    I was looking at the OldMiniBikes warehouse website and they have 3 different color clutch cover decals.. I'm trying to figure out which color came on the green 250x from the factory? Vintage Reproduction Mini Bike Parts
  2. R

    Speedway blue angel.. where to buy that blue paint??

    I'm trying to restore a blue angel but I can't find any info about that color. :confused:
  3. Truckasaurus44

    2015 Build Off Entry MTTW Wards T555

    I finally got out in the cold and snapped my pic! I hope this winter is warmer than last years!! I decided to do something different this year, so I'm building a Trike. I've been dying to build one for a while. The seat is Orange, my son's favorite color, so that's the color I'm going to...
  4. mini one

    Go with original engine color or custom?

    OK so I have an original copper colored B&S 5HP for a yet-to-be-identified US made roller and I'm torn between paint combos. I'm leaning towards matching the engine color to the frame and trying out a new high temp color... but the original paint/decals on the Briggs is in very good condition...
  5. albertlehre

    Arco Colt original wheel color?

    Hi everyone, been a member for quite a while now, mostly daydreaming about replacing the bike of my youth. (more on that later) I picked up an Arco Colt and have begun work on it recently. The paint was original so i figured the wheel color was as well. So they were recoated in a silver color...
  6. hotrodricky

    Lil Indian wheel color

    I'm doing a restoration on a Lil Indian and need to know the original color of the 4 in. steel wheels. I'm not sure if they were white or off white? Thanks, Rich
  7. Midyrman

    Tecumseh HS40 Paint Color

    As part of redoing my Bonanza 1300 I am repainting the HS 40 Tecumseh engine. Does anyone know the best "off-white" color match and where to buy it? Thanks! Tom
  8. Not so mini bike


    Figured I'd start a legit project thread. I'm starting with a arco frame. Someone put a really crappy paint job on it but I like the color. I plan to strip down the frame and and repaint a similar color. I am using the clone motor I build in a different thread. Got it almost complete. Had a...
  9. Sunset5523

    Copper color Briggs 3hp

    Hi are the copper color Briggs 3 hp steel bore?
  10. B

    Rupp Color Codes

    Anyone know what color codes were used on the early Rupps. Was told this is chopper style - and the original color was a purple color. Plan on sandblasting and painting or powdercoating the frame.
  11. A

    Lil Indian color

    Was red the only color they used? If not, what other ones were offered? Thanks
  12. manchester1

    Lil Indian paint color

    Does anybody know if the "blue" paint on these forks is a original Lil Indian color. Thanks on advance:thumbsup:
  13. S

    Speedway shrike orange in color

    1971 Speedway Shrike color orange like one i had years ago pictured below Thanks, STeve
  14. thebronc4019

    Fox Campus Color

    Does anyone know the automotive color code which most closely matches the blue on a Fox Campus? I do not have a Campus, I wish I did, but I would like to paint my current project that color just because I like the color so much. It does resemble the "Marina Blue" which was available on...
  15. YOOP

    The UP is in full color

    The next color will be white had to take a tour on the bikes
  16. G

    Clinton paint color

    Can anyone tell me if an old 1970 white 3.5 hp clinton is suppose to be antique white color or bright white like a tecumseh. Because it is 43 yrs old ,I can't tell if it is just discolored or if that's what it is suppose to look like. Thanks in advance
  17. Timmahhhhh

    Frijole Factory Colors?

    I am thinking of changing the color of my Frijole. Right now it's bright red. What other colors did Steen paint their Frijole frames-at least, when they were offered as complete kits? I have seen the ads where the kit looked like bare metal-but I have seen restored Frijoles that claim to be the...
  18. trailramdan

    Finally picked a color

    ....took forever to pick out a color to paint my 66 but I think we found a winner, its medium Marblehead metallic silver. here it is.
  19. buckeye

    What is the correct color ARCO

    What is the correct color for suspended ARCO? Black or orange or neither?? Thank you in advance.:thumbsup:
  20. incogrhino

    ruttman spyder color code

    So.... going to redo a spyder. Got a powder coater guy lined up. Anyone got the proper color for the black on the frame? Wanna do it right.:wink: Just going factory. Havent put wrench one to it yet. Trying to line everything up before hand. Ya know. Thanx buncha...