1. oldrelics

    What color frame for an orange briggs engine?

    Need to paint a frame has has a late 60's orange briggs, what color frame would compliment the orange engine? I'm NOT repainting the engine.
  2. chatten63

    Anyone know the VT-7 color blue

    I am asking anyone that might have a idea or know the color blue used on the VT-7 heald trail broncs.I found a very small sectoin of blue but not enough to match to. Any help would be great.:thumbsup:
  3. C

    Broncco decal sources and color codes?

    Hi! I'm new to this forum and am in the process of restoring a couple of Bronccos for my collection. Do any of you guys have any extras or sources for decals for a TX1 Deluxe, TX1-L, and a TX6? I'm also looking for paint codes for the TX6 orange (for a BC4), TX1-L yellow, and TX6 Candy Lime...
  4. M

    taco 44 or 99 color

    hi I 'm restoring my old taco 44 or 99 mini bike, is the purple a metallic or solid purple color ? thanks
  5. J

    Briggs paint color

    Can anyone suggest what color to use to best match the orignal white color on a Briggs 5 HP. Thank you
  6. K

    color sceme

    Looking for imput for color sceme for Pak-Jak project all suggestions welcome?
  7. Rockwall

    Briggs 5hp Copper Color Paint

    Painting the engine for my Powell and having a tough time trying to find a close looking Copper type High Heat color ... Any suggestions ... Thanks
  8. L

    Lil Indian Original Paint

    Can anyone here help me by giving me any information of the exact color of a Lil Indian Model 600. The color is darker than a bright red, I read somewhere that it was Candy Red (I thought). Somebody stole my bike and painted it some ugly green, really any help would be great. Thank Nick
  9. delray

    new color for DB

    i was looking at some craigslist items and i ran across a blue doodlebug for sale. looks to be factory with decals and all. still has the plastic on the seat.
  10. C

    Favorite Color on a mini?

    Everyone says black is the only acceptable color. But, it really isn't. What do you (yes you) like? Mine is a 70%-30% gray and pure black to create a "Hammered" looking blackish grey color.
  11. joekd

    wheel color choice

    I am having a shop do some powdercoating for the kart, dropping off the pedals tomorrow and will be talking to him about the wheels next. Now the tough part is what color Here is how it looks now with white wheels Not paying extra for anything fancy so we are only talking about gloss...
  12. T

    DB-30 color code

    I have the red DB-30 and want to paint a couple parts to match the same color. Before I go and start buying some different reds trying to match, does anyone know if Krylon or Rustoleum has a color to match? I figure someone else has been down this road. Thanks for any help
  13. keystone kid

    keystone deluxe color pics ?

    Anyone have a pic of the stock purple and white Keystone deluxe ? I got mine painted flat black . I can see some purple and like it . I'm thinking of painting it the stock colors . Thanks for the help ....The Keystone Kid !:thumbsup:
  14. ttapa207

    color schemes

    hey. i got a go kart. with my briggs 5hp. planning on painting the engine and the kart both different colors. any one got any cool color schemes. can post pics of bikes or carts too. thanks
  15. Jay Wrix

    Does anyone know the correct copper color for

    Would anyone have any idea what the correct gold/copper/bronze color is for the 60's/70's Briggs and Strattons Flatheads I wanna repaint the engine back to the period correct color, also where can I get the original stickers, Ive seen them on here before but cant find them! Thanks!
  16. B

    what is a good color ???

    what is a good color that goes with blue my mini is blue and so is the clone. i am going to paint the clone but i haven't thought of a good color that would go with the bike. any ideals ??? :thumbsup: