1. roccosbike

    Tecumseh Connecting Rods

    Does any body know if there is a small Billet rod that will cross reference or should I say share the same dimensions as the Tecumseh 25-0-11 Rod. I have an old H35 I'm playing with and a Billet rod for this motor would be awesome.

    Tecumseh connecting rods

    I have 3 tecumseh connecting rods, one is a bone stock H50, the next is a motorsort H50 rod, and the other is ? poss star 10HP, it takes bearings. Help is needed. Thanks.
  3. capguncowboy

    Rupp TT500 foot brake lever and connecting rod

    I'm honestly not sure what this is worth because I've never seen them for sale, so I'll throw out a number -- $95 shipped OBO. Please feel free to make offers. Bother are in good condition, but could use some fresh paint. The threads on the connecting rod are clean, and the rod is straight. The...
  4. FloridaMiniBikes

    New Briggs Raptor Con Rods on eBay $20 shipped!

    Just a heads up for a super deal on eBay. Briggs raptor rod, New, $20 bucks shipped. I ordered one, got it and its a good deal. If I put this in the wrong section sorry, I am not affiliated with the seller, Just thought this was a good deal for the rest of my OldMiniBikes family that might be in the...
  5. anthony402

    connecting rod problem

    Installed the arc billet rod with bearing....cl1 cam 18lb springs So at first i cant even pull start the engine so i loosen the rod up Now i can start it.....runs good then bam1 Rod bolts.come.loose an.knocks againt my block But i cant tighten it up or i cant even pull start it...
  6. markus

    hs40 connecting rod differences

    How is the generic connecting rod compared to a OEM tec? I'd like to throw a new rod in a motor I just put back together. Any difference other than price?
  7. MB165

    opinions please, should I reuse this connecting rod

    This rod is NLA. Its out of a 500cc two stroke putting out around 65hp. Should I reuse it?
  8. fenderbassfan

    Light Connecting For Yerfdog 3203

    So I remedied the issue of tiny front tires (Azusa Tri-Star 8" Rims and Honda Mini-Trail 50 Tires), but now put lights on it and don't know how to connect it and run them the way I want. I bought two small 12 volt batteries and want to connect each light to it's own battery and connect a switch...
  9. Clayon

    Wanted: Billet Connecting Rods and flywheels for 5hp Briggs FH

    I am looking for billet connecting rods and flywheels for 5hp Briggs flathead motors. Let me know what you have and how much you want. Doesn't matter is they are used as long as they are in good shape, and doesn't matter which brand, Hortsman or ARC. I have 3 Briggs motors I want to redo.
  10. 5

    Briggs 5hp engine lets go of stock connecting rod (Video)

    This young kid was hot roddin this engine for his kart and decided to test run it before buying a billet connecting rod. It's a shame & a lesson learned.
  11. Manco Custom Gokart

    Manco Custom Gokart

    First parts order to arrive. Let's see what we got.
  12. Manco Custom Gokart

    Manco Custom Gokart

    Makeshift Kart shop and stand, Below is my daughter's thunderkart. Custm pink paint and upholstery. Stock engine, governor removed.
  13. Manco Custom Gokart

    Manco Custom Gokart

    Gokart Build
  14. Manco Custom Gokart

    Manco Custom Gokart

    Gokart Build
  15. Manco Custom Gokart

    Manco Custom Gokart

    Looks pretty rough, but the frame is strong and straight. No cracks or broken welds.
  16. Manco Custom Gokart

    Manco Custom Gokart

    Just unloaded at my home.
  17. Manco Custom Gokart

    Manco Custom Gokart

    These first four pics are from the seller's listing.
  18. Manco Custom Gokart

    Manco Custom Gokart

    Missing the Drive wheel and Sprocket.
  19. Manco Custom Gokart

    Manco Custom Gokart

    I found this gokart on craigslist. Seller was asking $250. I offered $100, and begged for him to sell it to me. I was the very first offer and got it for $100 with the brand new engine, never run, but out of the box.
  20. Manco Custom Gokart

    Manco Custom Gokart

    Model # and serial #. Cross referenced it as a Manco Terminator. Made sometime before 1995, brake band.