1. nds1968

    Lil Indian 4" spoke wheels

    I had these bead blasted and burnished. They are in nice shape but not perfect. There is some pitting and small scratches/nicks. One wheel has pitting that is noticeable and I was going to make that the sprocket side. Only selling because I've decided to use steel wheels. Any questions...
  2. S

    exhaust and muffler suggestions?

    hey everyone. so i decided to dig out my old bike and get it going again. One of reasons i put it away was because it was so loud and had virtually no exhaust, so i decided to change it completely and hopefully make it quieter. Its a Tecumseh H60 this is what I have thus far: I wanted to...
  3. leathernun666

    Trail Horse GT100

    Ok so I decided not to get into the build off this year because I didn't know what kind of time I would have to devote to this project. And after the last one I was kind of discouraged anyways. so I decided to pump out three in the time that most people get one . Here is what I started with , a...
  4. Scumbag

    BRIGGS 5HP Carb and Tank

    Carb $40 plus shipping Tank $30 plus shipping Both for $60 plus shipping (Comes off a motor that has not been very used) Carb/Tank was just working great a Del Mar flattrack, then it started idling a little hard(dust & dirt?), so i took it off to clean it. During the cleaning, swapped it...
  5. Taco Loco Joe

    Taco 22 Done

    I bought this Taco in 94 for my kids . It was ridden hard like most mini bikes. crashed a few times ,even caught on fire once! After sitting in the garage for 10 years, I decided to clean it up. Thanks OldMiniBikes for the tech support and pics for reference.
  6. heinsbrian

    Jackshaft install

    After reading through the "performance jackshaft" sticky - I decided to give one a go. The craftsmanship and ease of install looks awesome on the PMR unit - but that takes all of the fun of fabrication out of it... I decided to pick up an Azusa jackshaft kit and make up some plates to...

    Man do i feel stupid and lucky at the same time ( graphic picture )

    My heads just not in the game. Taking so much strain at work that i lapse in concentration. We needed to scrape some bark of timber and my bright idea was a die geinder with a router blade. Was working great till it bit into the wood and then decided my hand looked tasty. Man bad things...
  8. U

    The Mutt

    Hi guys. Not completely sure if this is a minibike, I posted pictures a while back of this contraption I built out of a Chinese scooter. It had a 33cc 2-stroke engine, and hadn't run for a while. I was messing around with the motor about a week ago, and got it to run for a bit, then stripped out...
  9. F

    Another new (old) guy

    Hello everyone, My name is Bill but my friends call me Freddy. I recently retired from 35 years government service. (7 years US Navy and 28 years at NASA) I,m a long time car and bike guy. Hot rods and Harleys. Last year I had a heart attack and decided to cut back a little on major projects...
  10. M

    Decided to sell my Manxter

    Since I haven't used my Meyers Manxter for a year and a half, decided to sell it. When I put it together I did a really rightous job and thought some of the car guys on here might enjoy checking it out. When I first joined my handle was Manxter Paul - when the minibikes took over my...
  11. trailbronc

    decided on motor for mini chopper! what do you think?

    i have decided on a 5.5hp honda engine on my first somewhat succesful mini chopper , i am prolly gonna get clutch and chain tommorow and hopefully take it for a ride!
  12. R

    Introduction..finally decided to join in on the fun

    I have been a member of this forum for a couple of years, but this is only my third post. I have been so thoroughly impressed by the knowledge of so many of the OldMiniBikes members that I have just kept my silence and learned a lot! Since the Honda mini bikes are my specialty, I finally felt the need...
  13. litebulblsc

    Decided to build my MTD Trail Flite.

    Since I cannot seem to sell it, and I just rapped up a project, I decided to do some work on my mini bike. I don't like to type a lot and I know people don't like to read a lot, so pics. Heres my 1983 ATC250R I just "finished" up. I realize it still needs lots of purtying up done, but that...
  14. K

    Decided not to be a Lurker anymore! I signed up as I now have a 71 Artic Cat mini. Picked it up off Craiglist by a local seller here in Michigan. My Car (1967 Chevelle) is all done so I needed something else to tinker with. It is not original, but has a nice yellow Paint job with a Honda 5hp. Bike is still not all...