1. Cat R3509 (Wildcat), R4017 (Endura), R5003 (Hustler MX)

    Cat R3509 (Wildcat), R4017 (Endura), R5003 (Hustler MX)

  2. Cat R4005 (Endura)

    Cat R4005 (Endura)

  3. gearnoggin

    Cat Eliminator roller build with Endura parts

    Hey guys, its been a long time since my last post. This is what I'm working on now. I got a Cat Eliminator bare roller that I'm starting to build. It does have the stars and sprocket. The front end was tweaked and of course missing the fender. A year or so ago I got a Cat Endura that...
  4. trinik7597

    Cat endura bars

    Set of cat endura bars $60 shipped .. text for pics 845-505-2198
  5. mrpat

    Cat Endura R4010 - (and the R is for Rare)

    Saw this on Ebay and thought someone might be interested. Looks too cool! Cat Endura Mini Bike ( Rare) Barn Find Bonanza Rupp Taco Lil indian Tecumseh 4hp | eBay
  6. slywilliez

    FS HPE CAT Endura R4010 WOW

    Up for sale is the unicorn of HPE CAT endure R410. This is a complete roller sporting the original Red fiber glass body. The bike has no reweld and the fork have no bends at all. The motor plate slots have been extended and the will need repaired. The bike has a coffin cat tank under the red...
  7. 45t

    Poor Cat Endura

    Poor Cat Endura R4005 :doah: Mini Bike
  8. John G.

    Cat Endura CL

    Cat Endura way up north, too far for me. Not complete but not too bad. Cat Mini Bike Project
  9. John G.

    Cat Endura on CL

    Holy crap, someone go get this thing.:bowdown: 1970's Minibike The Cat Endura
  10. Incajeep

    HPE Muskin R4005 Endura

    Found this one on CL. So far I've removed the paint, welded a small crack in the engine plate, straightened the forks, and painted it dark blue/flat black. Next, I'll be heading to JoAnn Fabric to source materials for a seat. Have quite a few goodies on the way from OldMiniBikes.
  11. Mark G

    Tecumseh Taylor Deluxe Spark Arrester Chrome Minibike muffler

    Excellent shape, I thought it was NOS until I took it out of the box last night for pics. Looked inside and there is a trace of carbon, but there is no evidence of it ever being mounted (scratches etc.) This would be the perfect muffler for the gut who actually wants to USE it, instead of it...
  12. SimpleTom

    Cat Endura

    MINI BIKE PROJECT - $150 (DIXON) contact name: JOHN contact by phone: ☎ 815-288-5552 MINI BIKE PROJECT
  13. thejoker

    Cat Endura parts

    I need some cat Endura clutch guard brackets and S exhaust pipe. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. These are the only parts needed besides the seat to have a all original bike Joe
  14. blkscorpion80

    Cat Endura clutch guard

  15. thejoker

    cat Endura seats

    I need 2 cat endura seats in almost any condition as long as they are not in pieces. Thanks thejoker
  16. 45t

    Cat Endura garage sale buy

    I posted this in the ebay/craigslist section. It was posted on C'list in the garage sale section. I went to check it out and all I can say is WOW. This thing is in good shape. I picked it up. The bad thing is the owner knew what it was, so the negotiation on price wasn't much. At least I got...
  17. 45t

    Nice Cat endura

    Nice Cat endura only about 2 miles from me. Might go take a look at it. Hope this link works, trying to post using my phone. Garage sale-mini bike, boat, housewares, etc! Garage sale-mini bike, boat, housewares, etc!
  18. H

    Cat Endura MX

    Tried posting photos "elsewhere," but I'm too stoopid to finger it out. Got this from Owend a while ago. Been slowly getting parts together. Getting an engine done from ATKrider, after seeing what he's done with some Tecumseh's lately. I cleaned a lot of it up, had to repair rear...
  19. Dan-E-boy

    NOS HPE Muskin Cat endura clutch cover

    up for sale is a NOS Cat endura chain guard. its in great condition and ready for your R4005 endura or R4015 endura mx or R4010 Cat. check out the pics for condition, also added pics of the bikes it fits.. this thing is nice! asking $95 shipped paypal preferred. please pm me if interested...
  20. slywilliez

    My new Cat Endura find R4010

    This is one of my latest CL finds. It is a very rare and hard to find Cat Endura R4010. The bike is a very nice roller but at some point someone thought they can make it look better. The chrome on the wheels, bars and forks looks to be good under the paint. Let me know what you think. :scooter: